Meet Hemapriya: The Mommy Who Makes Weaning Foods Steeped in Tradition

Meet Hemapriya: The Mommy Who Makes Weaning Foods Steeped in Tradition

Mom Quotient

Becoming a Mom hasn’t just changed my life – it has changed me!! Where I was lax earlier, now after motherhood, I’ve become more diligent, and I can now juggle so many tasks that I surprise myself.



Mom Inc. Story

I was a busy medical professional prior to motherhood, but my career in medicine took a backseat when my first child arrived. My focus completely shifted and I soon realized that there was a severe lack of wholesome, natural weaning options for infants and toddlers. Nearly every baby food product on the supermarket shelves had several preservatives and added flavors, none of which I was comfortable feeding my child.


The default option was to turn to my mother and mother in law, who had lots of traditional, healthy baby food recipes with them. However, all that roasting, drying and grinding wasn’t exactly practical, especially as we lived in a city, away from extended family support.


From my blog, I realized that many other moms across India and even abroad were facing the same problem, and were desperately in need of help. Currently, the brand's Dry Fruits Powder is one of the best-selling food products on BabyChakra. It contains a mix of nuts and no sugar at all. So the next time your kid makes a fuss to drink milk, just add a spoon of this to it. S/he will gulp it down within seconds, we guarantee. Little Moppet Foods also has baby food options and our mom's swear by their Banana Wheat Cereal. This high-fiber food is great for the bowel movement. 




The brand has entire ranges of health foods for all ages, including organic baby food, natural noodles, health drinks, pancake and dosa mixes as well as 100% natural sweeteners. No more decoding complicated food labels!


Who Inspired Me the Most

It’s really hard to pinpoint a single person, so I’ll go ahead and name three – my husband, my mother and my mother-in-law. 



They are also the ones who kept reminding me that I had what it takes to manage everything successfully!


Advice for Mompreneurs

I love the fact that ‘Mompreneur’ is a real word now!! For all Moms starting out on their own, I’d like to say that the journey ahead will require a lot of hard work, but if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, it will not feel like work!! 


Prep work and planning is very important, whether it’s for the home or for the business. Having everything planned out for the entire month or quarter takes out a lot of stress that comes from indecision and makes everything run like clockwork. Most importantly, treat obstacles like challenges, and always think about the solution instead of focusing on the problem.


I love BabyChakra because....

It has helped bring me to you! Honestly, whether it’s parenting, work-life balance or relationships, this is one place where you’ll find someone who can truly say ‘been there, done that and I’ll help you do it too’!!!




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