New Age Dads Rock Fatherhood And Here’s Why!

New Age Dads Rock Fatherhood And Here’s Why!

15 Jun 2015 | 4 min Read

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He not only brings home the bacon, but he can cook it too. New age dads have broken the stereotypes and are enjoying parenting like never before…

When you think of a father, the image of a strong silent figure in the background no longer comes to mind. Today, a man beaming with pride while rocking his child in his arms is perhaps one that resonates more strongly in our minds. Yes, the era of the new age dad is truly here. And you just have to take a look around you to see this transformation. The new age dads are involved in every aspect of a child’s life today. Be it dropping the children off to school, playing ball in the park after work hours, participating in PTMs, visiting the doctor’s clinic, giving swim/cycling lessons to children on weekends –the new age dads don’t want to miss any of it. And we know the moms are certainly glad for this change. So, as we look forward to celebrating Father’s Day, here we list down a few reasons why new age dads totally rock fatherhood!


1. Diaper Duty: No, the diaper is no longer the mother’s domain. The new age dad is just as efficient at this crucial childcare function in the early days. They are adept with the rash creams the wipes, the diaper bag and whatever else that goes with the diaper territory. Far from being terrified of the diaper duty, fathers are gladly taking on this responsibility, instead viewing as a way to spend one – on – one time with their little one.


2. Feeding Time: Today, moms don’t have the sole duty of making sure their child is well fed and looked after. Today, fathers are quite the experts when it comes to feeding their baby too. Whether its whipping up a cereal or a fixing a breakfast meal for their child, they are not only capable of putting together a nourishing meal for their child, but have the patience to feed them too, making those airplane spoonfuls arrive promptly in their amused child’s mouth.


3. Bathing And Dressing: Can’t remember your dad ever giving you a bath when you were a child? Not to worry, that’s not a memory your child is likely to have. The dads today are more than happy to splash around with their children as they bathe and dress them, even if it’s a regular workday. Childcare chores have become par for the course when it comes to the new age dad.


4. Night Time Duty: When the baby is just born and mothers seem overwhelmed with how many times the baby needs to be fed and changed, it likely that new age dads come to their partners rescue and gladly so. Fathers today don’t mind taking over while their wife gets that much needed rest. For them it just means sharing special one-on-one moments with their newborn, while feeding or changing their baby in the quiet of the night.


5. S-A-H-F: If you are familiar with the term Stay at home Mom, there is a new term that is emerging in modern urban families and that is of a Stay at home Father. Yes, its not as common as it is in the western countries, but more and more fathers are looking at flexible work options, if not staying home all the time, so that they can spend more time with their growing child and participate actively in raising him/her.

It’s for these changes that we see with the dads today, that we want to cheer them on, and thank them as we look forward to celebrating Father’s day this year. Daddies, more power to you and your new age parenting approach. We applaud the change and welcome it, and we know your child is happier for it too.  Happy Father’s Day!


Do you know of more things that new age father’s do well and do differently from the former generation? Write in to us we would love to know and celebrate the father of today!

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