Father's day sayings from sons

Father's day sayings from sons

We wont wish you a Happy Father’s Day today. No we won’t. Instead we will give you a reason to let your heart swell with joy and love like never before.

We could have gone the usual route of letting you know what a wonderful job you are doing as a dad, and how you been there through every bruise and battle your child has had. But then you already know you are a great dad. What you don’t know is that you are your child’s superhero! Yes you are - its not Batman or Superman or any other fictitious character that you thought fascinates your child – its YOU! And when we asked your children to tell us why their dad is their superhero – they not only told us why but also wrote us the most awesome heart warming letters to let us know just how much you mean to them. Get ready to tear up dads – this one is sure to tug at your heartstrings no matter what a tough guy you are! 


1. Vihaan Arora, 7 years old


2. Abhimanyu Singh, 6.5 years old



3. Vedant Shetty, 5 years old



4. Mishka Khandelwal, 5 years old



5. Arya Bajaj, 7 years old



6. Shiyi Khoo, 6.5 years old



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