Oh So Soft: Tips To Keep Your Baby's Skin Softer Than Velvet

Oh So Soft: Tips To Keep Your Baby's Skin Softer Than Velvet

Babies have super soft skin, and that’s what makes them even more huggable. But their delicate skin is also more prone to infections and allergies as compared to adults. The weather, material of their clothes and the detergent used to wash them, and skin care products - all of these can impact the health of a baby’s skin. We do know that it needs a little bit of extra love and care, so how can we keep our little one’s skin clean, supple and kissable? Read on for some tips.



Not only does a massage keep a baby’s skin well-moisturized,  but it also  develops a bond between the little  one and the caregiver. Make sure to use a product that has virgin coconut oil, Vitamin E or almond oil in their ingredients. These are gentle and nourish the skin while keeping the moisture intact.



Bathing Right

How you bathe your baby is crucial to his/her skin health. Use only lukewarm water and soaps, shampoo or body washes that have baby-friendly ingredients. Remember, the lesser the number of chemicals on the ingredient label, the better it is for your angel’s skin.



Moisturizing Is Key

The more hydrated your bub’s skin is, the softer it will stay. Moisturising, preferably after a bath, will lock in the softness. Use a mild lotion in the summers and a cream in the winters to keep rashes and dryness at bay. Again, look for baby-friendly moisturizers.



Right Detergent

Harsh chemicals in washing liquids and detergents can harm your baby’s skin. Use only mild detergents that do not stay on the clothes after the wash. Liquid detergents with less or no perfume and skin-friendly contents are a safe bet.


Your little one’s skin needs to be hydrated for it to be soft at all times. Keep the hugs and kisses flowing too!


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