Would You Use A Product On Your Baby’s Skin Without Knowing It Is Safe?

Would You Use A Product On Your Baby’s Skin Without Knowing It Is Safe?

Motherhood teaches us things we never knew existed or even bothered about. I had very normal skin and so most of the soaps, face washes, body washes that I used over the years would suit me. And so, I was least concerned about allergy tests or ingredients in such toiletries.

But when I became a mom, I wanted what was best for my baby’s skin! A mom does not risk or even think of using her tiny delicate baby as guinea pig and try just any random baby skincare product available in the market. I happened to try a new baby wash that someone gifted (as I had used that brand’s products for myself) and it left my baby’s skin dry and red and I couldn’t cope up with the guilt of experimenting on my munchkin. That led me to do more research on baby skincare products available in the market.

There is a flood of baby skincare products in the market and everyone claims to be tested and meeting standards. The selection has become quite perplexing and heavy on the pocket at the same time. But how do we know if the price we are paying for a product is worth it? And do they actually undergo a battery of tests before they can actually call themselves safe?

Well, not all brands mention on their packaging what exact tests are being done on their products. One can’t fool a mom by just writing “TESTED” and bypassing the mandatory rule of mentioning the names or details of tests.

What does “Tested” or “Clinically Proven”means?

To ensure that baby skincare products are safe and have a longer shelf life, they need to pass a set of stringent tests that ensure their mildness and gentleness and “certify” them as suitable to be used on baby’s delicate skin.

Only those baby skincare products that have undergone various clinical tests like Purity and Safety and have been approved in these can be claimed to be Baby Safe. They are also required to be clinically proven as mild before they are fit for use on babies.

What is the need of these clinical trials on these baby skincare products?

According to researchers, many baby skincare products contain formaldehyde, talc, mineral oil, parabens, phthalate, sulphate, fragrances etc. which are not suitable for baby’s skin and hair. As per Environment Protection agency (EPA)*, formaldehyde and 1, 4-dioxane are probable carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals); and infants and young children are more vulnerable to carcinogenic substances than adults. This means exposure to even minuscule amount of toxic substance can have negative health results.
Research has also shown that depending upon nature and properties of chemicals as much as 60% of what is applied to the skin may be absorbed. Not just this, some of these are reported to have harmful effects on baby’s health and are not recommended. Thus the need of passing clinical trials before being approved as safe for use.
I am sure you can imagine what it would have been like to come across all of this information and questioning every baby skincare brand and product that I had ever used or thought of using for my baby!

Which baby skincare product brand to trust now?

My research led me to Johnson’s and I was blown over by the number of tests they carry out and the scale at which they are done!

Johnson’s baby products are approved only after each of them passes 4 skin allergy tests for:


  • Irritation
  • An Allergic Reaction
  • Irritated skin when exposed to sunlight
  • An allergic reaction when exposed to sunlight

Each ingredient is tested for 12 months and thousands of hours, and that makes it the only brand which is CPM (Clinically Proven Mild). 



Now that’s commendable!

A baby skincare product doesn’t need harsh chemicals, dyes, preservatives in high amounts or cleansing agents like sulphates. Keeping up with the trust of parents all over the world, the New Johnson’s has a range of products that has No Phthalate, No Sulphate, No Parabens; and contains only essential ingredients as per clinically approved dosages, thus ensuring safety and gentle care from the start.

It is crucial that a brand of baby skincare products uses only ingredients “approved” by regulatory authorities. Fragrances added in baby skincare products should only be the ones certified by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) that are proved to be allergen-free.

My son is allergic to fragrances and respiratory problems trigger easily since birth, so I had to be more particular to not use any perfumed/fragranced product for him.
The NEW Johnson’s uses highest quality fragrances certified by IFRA which minimizes possibilities of skin sensitivity, irritation or allergic reactions. Remember that typical fragrance that each house with baby smells of, since ages? Yes, that’s the fragrance of a happy and fresh Johnson’s baby.

No wonder this is a brand that has been around for more than 100 years now in over 50 countries! My research led me to only one brand that I could trust and that is transparent.


I was raised as a Johnson’s baby and so is my son!

Have you chosen your child’s skincare brand well?


Disclaimer: The details are mentioned on the basis of information provided and available online.

*WEBMD - https://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/news/20090312/report-toxins-common-in-baby-products#1




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