It’s Mother’s Digest For Rukhsar

It’s Mother’s Digest For Rukhsar

Meet Rukhsar Saleem, an otherwise an ordinary mom who left her high paying full-time job to be SAHM for her li’l boy but her energies and quest to enjoy her parenting journey with other like-minded moms makes her different. Her Fb group- Mother’s Digest, a niche parenting group is a great place to unwind, share and chat for many overwhelmed new moms. Read her journey of being a mommy and starting Mother’s Digest here…


1. My Mom Quotient (MQ):

I am a very caring and a practical mother, who wants to give my child the best upbringing, in terms of values along with a healthy body and mind. For that I try to read over internet/ books and talk to people/experts/teachers a lot, so as to make informed choices/decisions while handling my son.



I firmly believe in doing those things myself first, which I want him to learn from learning anything new or speaking softly or apologizing for my mistakes. Child follows what you do, rather than what you say.One thing I have learnt is what works for a child, may not work for the other. So, I hear out everyone, cross check with experts (though not possible every time), and then follow my instincts while raising my child.


2. My Mom Inc. Story:

Like many other moms, I too decided to quit full-time work mode after my maternity break, but with an urge to channelize my energy level in the right direction.Being a new momI was bombarded withdo’s and dont’s possibly from every quarter- family, friends, neighbours to literally everyone around. In addition, they differed from each other like hell, leaving me confused and shaken. 

This lead to the birth of the closed Fb group - Mother’s Digest in January 2013,as an aid to the new mom in me and support platform for all the newly turned mothers, who are zapped with parenting myths, what to believe, whom to ask some weird questions, what to do & how to do it. It’s a peace corner for the mothers. 



For first 3-6 months, friends used to silently visit the group.  Later, they started adding people and contributing to discussions I used to start. Now, people put up their queries, help each other, keep a track of problems n solutions. My biggest high comes, when people write to me directly- to post their queries anonymously, which they are not comfortable in posting publically on the forum.So, I started to add experts (in various fields- counsellors, life coaches, doctors etc) and people who are planning to start their families.Today, around 700 moms are a part of Mother’s Digest. Right now, it is purely a high quality content driven page.Very soon, it will have an independent domain and will be present on other platforms too. 


3. Who Inspired/ Supported Me:

In bits and pieces, many have inspired me especially my critiques. But to name few, my husband and his one cousin from the family and Gurgaon Moms facebook group motivated me for this particular venture. My husband always asked me to follow my heart and refrain myself from doing conventional jobs. He always has been my pillar of strength and critic for my ideas.


4. Advice/Tips:

Do what makes you really happy. Then explore to know how you can upgrade yourself in that field/area. Keep clarity about your target audience and its presence. Also brainstorm as much as possible and keep your ears and eyes open along with mind to take in all the learning from around you. Don’t forget to indulge in what revives & energises you – be it shopping, movies, home décor, books, sports or fitness. Cut short those unhealthy or unnecessary gossip sessions. At home guage  what’s your Satisfaction-Happiness Scale and keep realistic goals.


5. I love BabyChakra because of its catchy events.

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