Did You Know That Transparency In Baby Skincare Products Is A Sign Of Purity?

Did You Know That Transparency In Baby Skincare Products Is A Sign Of Purity?


We are a generation of involved parents. Which means that we like to question everything we decide and do for our kids until we are fully convinced of the choice we have made. Add to that the variety and options that are available to us these days!


All moms do meticulous research before choosing products for their babies, especially skincare products that actually come in contact with the baby. I was no exception! Here are some learnings from my journey and I hope they are just as useful to you too!


Read labels carefully.

I did a lot of research on what kind of chemicals had to be avoided in baby skincare products. I even spoke to my pediatrician on what kind of a product I should be using for my babies. When you pick a baby skincare product up, take a closer look at the labels that mention all the ingredients used. If you are doubtful about a certain ingredient/s, don’t hesitate to read up more and ask an expert about it!




Go for lab tested and certified mild and gentle.

I have preferred mild and gentle products that keep my baby's skin soft and healthy. It’s always important to check if the product is free from carcinogenic compounds and is mild and gentle on baby’s skin. Also there are several baby skincare products in the market that are clinically tested. Clinically tested is not enough, they need to be clinically proven mild. Notice the subtle difference? But there is a world of a difference between being tested and being proven safe for use!


Go for visibly transparent baby skincare products.

Yes, you read that right! I was surprised too at the connection between transparency and purity but it is true. Use of limited and only essential ingredients makes baby skincare products transparent and visible! So if you come across that are clear, you know that they probably more safer!


Preservatives are fine but know what quantity they are present in.

Preservatives are ingredients that are added to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus in any product.



But what is the proportion of preservatives in the product is the bigger question to ask.


Being a discerning parent, I invested time in choosing the right baby products for my kids. And I wasn’t disappointed! When you make a conscious decision to purchase pure, gentle, mild and clinically proven baby skincare products, you are investing in your baby’s good health and giving them the best gift of all and a good start to their life.


Choose wise and stay happy!



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