5 Diy Spa Ideas To Enrich Your Mommyhood Experience

5 Diy Spa Ideas To Enrich Your Mommyhood Experience

25 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Being a mother is pretty demanding and most of us end up with practically no time for ourselves. Not that we are complaining but our entire life starts to revolve around the apple(s) of our eyes. We get more concerned about their eating, sleeping and so on and forget that we should also make some time and space for ourselves. After all we live for them!

New mothers tend to get more hassled up due to the sudden change in their schedule and lifestyle. Almost everything goes haywire after the birth of a baby. The key to soothe our frayed nerves would be to try and spend some quality time on ourselves. As mothers to young kiddos we may not have the luxury of spending hours together at a spa but hey why can’t we create a spa in the comfort of our homes? After all we mothers are known to be resourceful!

It is commonly observed that a brief period at a spa really energises a person and is quite a refreshing experience. We moms can try and do a similar thing at home and that too economically as well! Face-packs, long refreshing baths, moisturising, scrubbing and more, you name it and you can do it! I felt like sharing a few routines which have proved to be beneficial for me.

1. Face Packs

An indispensable ritual very much required in this present day and age of increased pollution. It also helps in moisturising and nourishing your skin. As a working mother, two home-made face-packs worked very well for me.

a. Aloe Vera: Indeed a wonder herb and easy to grow as well. Mommies trust me on this one, I have it growing all over my garden and you won’t regret growing it. Extract some aloe vera gel, add a pinch of turmeric and rose water while blending it well. This can be applied as a face-pack and left to dry and then cleaned up with luke-warm water. This is really refreshing.

b. Besan: Grand-moms were never wrong on this! Besan or chick-pea powder when blended with a pinch of turmeric and some thick curds or yoghurt is excellent for skin. Apply and leave it to dry followed by a clean-up with water and you feel so good! Additionally besan in itself can be used as a scrubber instead of soap and it really helps in removing unwanted hair. Using besan as a scrub is most ideal for baby baths too!

2. Long Refreshing Baths

Who doesn’t like the idea of a long lazy bath? Make room to pamper yourself by going in for a sauna-like experience by heating up the water a bit more than usual and let your bath-room be filled with the steam before you enter it (P.S: For once don’t bother about your electricity bill). Keep a small face-towel handy, which has been dipped in warm water and wringed out of the excess water earlier. Add a few drops of rose-water or lavender to it and dab your face with it for a surreal experience.

Spice it up a bit more if you like by using some easily available bath products like bubble bath, bathing salts etc., for that unique experience.

3. Oiling

Coconut oil worked really well when it comes oiling my hair. It is really good to warm up some oil and gently massage into the scalp and leaving it overnight to wash it off the next day. It provides excellent nourishment to the hair. I tried my hand at using almond oil too and it was an equally good experience.

4. Scrubbing

Using lime juice on to your elbows helps to lighten up the skin and is an excellent scrubber for your body.

5. Pedicure

I love the idea of placing my feet in a tub of warm water to which sea salt has been added. Sometimes a few rose petals being thrown in is a good idea too. A good foot file comes to your rescue and using a scrubber try to scrub off the dead skin cells too. I bet that you will enjoy this ritual especially when you have your favourite drink in your hand while you watch a movie of your choice.

Most importantly we should not be missing up on our beauty sleep! A comforting environment at home is equally important. So fellow-mommies it is time to feel good about ourselves and celebrate what we are every single day Whatssay? Give it a shot and you will never regret doing this!











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