5 Essential Oils Their Purposes And How They Can Be Used During Pregnancy

5 Essential Oils Their Purposes And How They Can Be Used During Pregnancy

20 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Essential oils are herb extracts and hence, are very useful for health reasons, though in limited amounts. These oils have proven to work wonders for people and most women have their own personal favourite. These oils are concentrated in nature, so the application of these in large amounts can cause skin problems such as rashes, skin irritation, redness and severe allergies. So, it is advised to use them in minimal ( 2-3 droplets) amounts and that too in diluted form. Carrier oils such as coconut and almond oil are often used for dilution purposes and it is very important to have a balanced combination of both in order to ensure safety for your skin.

If you are using these oils during pregnancy, make sure you don’t use it during your first trimester, as it’s a phase where your baby develops the most. Doctors recommend their application only from the second trimester onwards and in very limited amounts. We suggest you consult with your doctor once and get their opinion on an essential oil before you use it.

However, you must know that the application of these oils is often considered unsafe during pregnancy. This is because essential oils contain tiny molecules, which are permeable to your skin. A lot of times, when used (especially in excess), these oils end up reaching your baby in the uterus, travelling all the way from the surface of your skin to the placenta. This can cause problems with the fetal brain development. Hence, it is advised that you be very careful with essential oil applications during pregnancy.

However, this does not mean that this is the case with all essential oils. Which is why we have for you a list 5 essential oils that are extremely safe to use during pregnancy, but again, in minimal quantities.

1. HarryBaba Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil helps your body relax and helps you sleep in peace. It is also helpful to provide relief for those with asthma and bronchitis. Hence, this product is something you might love in case you’re experiencing extreme fatigue during pregnancy.

Just ensure you use it along with a carrier oil in case you’re not going for aromatherapy, in which case, the masseuse will know how to handle the situation.

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2. Bio Oil

This one-in-a-million oil is a superhero that treats everything from dry, ageing, uneven skin to stretch marks. When using it, keep in mind to dilute a few drops of it with a carrier oil and apply it very lightly on areas you wish to treat. However, we suggest you speak with your doctor first on how much you can apply and how often.

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3. Aqua Oleum Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

This oil has multiple purposes, including curing joint pains, urinary issues, depression and so on. Do not use it undiluted and on your belly directly. Also, chamomile is known to help you relax both physically and mentally.

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4. Omorfee Organic Body Softening Oil with Olive, Rosemary, Lavender And Jojoba Oil

Both olive and lavender oil are considered to be safe during pregnancy, but with precaution of course. We suggest you use it only during aromatherapy and not in any other form of external use.

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5. Soulflower Lemongrass Pure Aroma Essential Oil

This oil is to be used specifically during aromatherapy for relaxation purposes. It has a beautiful smell that calms you down, relieving you of any discomfort that your pregnancy may be causing you.

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We suggest, for safety purposes, to let you doctor know that you are going to be using these essential oils. Though these oils are safe to use and your doctor may not advise you against them, they could be a problem for an individual who has an allergy that products like essential oils can aggravate.











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