5 Essentials To Have A Happy Monsoon Season Xyz

5 Essentials To Have A Happy Monsoon Season Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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The smell of rain, the cool winds, the weird shape clouds and the deafening thunder, monsoon has it all. One of the best time of the year, the rainy season has its joys and wonders for most of the people while bringing its own problems. As the water pours down, the insects and mosquitoes are forced out of their homes and start becoming a problem for us. This is also the time when people get ill the most and thus, for this rainy season, we bring to you a list of essential products you must have to both tackle and enjoy the monsoon season.

1. Mosquito repellant

Always keep this little cream or spray handy and apply it every day in order to keep all the mosquitoes away. Not only for your own self, apply the mosquito repellant on your family members too or get a mosquito repellant spray and spray it all over the house.

2. Room Freshener

Although rains bring with them the sweet smell of wet earth, they also bring the damp and bad odour into the houses. Due to the presence of moisture, the foulness is not able to escape and is trapped in the homes itself. So, make your house smell good with the type of fragrance you want in the monsoon while enjoying the drizzle.

3. Cleanser/Face Wash

During the rainy season, your skin tends to get oily and sticky due to the humidity present. Also, when the wind is blowing, the dirt and sand accumulate on your face thus making it dirtier. Keep an oil removing face wash handy and look the best every time.

4. Hair Serum

Monsoon for women is even harder, especially when their hair loses its shine, and becomes frizzy and dull. So, keep a hair serum handy to nourish your hair and make them shiny and styled. The serum will also help in keeping the hair properly adjusted and will prevent split ends and breaking of hair.

5. Face Wipes

It is not always possible to wash your face at any moment, sometimes you have to sit with the dirty and oily skin during the rainy season. But get a pack of disposable face wipes and you can clean your face at anytime and anywhere. And if you have fragrance wipes then it will nourish your skin and give you a sweet smell.