5 Fears Every Expectant Father Faces Xyz

5 Fears Every Expectant Father Faces Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Parenting is a wondrous and joyous task and when a woman gets pregnant it’s not just her responsibilities that increase but that of her husband as well. With the mother, the father too has to prepare for the arrival of the newborn while supporting the mother and planning out the future. So, it is very likely that the father too will be afraid of things and since he doesn’t show his fears, it is our duty to tell you about them.

1. “Will I be a good father??”

The biggest fear of all fathers is whether they will be good fathers or not. Fathers tend to form this opinion about themselves that they will not be as good of a dad as they should be. This is a normal fear that every dad has and all such dads are great parents so don’t worry. You will nail it.

2. “Will I be able to protect my child and my wife??”

It is the father’s responsibility to protect both his child and wife from any harm, dangers or illnesses of any kind. And the wife is still a grown woman while the unborn child, on the other hand, will be an innocent being who will not even know how to sit up and so the father fears for his child’s safety.

3. “Will s/he like me??”

Another one of the fears that keep on going in a father’s head is whether his own child will like him or not. This too is a rational enough fear as the child is yet to feel the father’s love while s/he will be feeling the mother’s love for 9 months. All the fathers who have even the smallest of this fear are always great dads.

4. “What will I do during delivery??”

This is one fear that every father has but just cannot talk about with their wives. A father doesn’t get as much training as the mother does and thus this fear is constantly there that what will they do during labour pains and delivery and how will they comfort their wives.

5. “What if I drop my baby??”

Call it overthinking or call it an irrational fear, this one thought scares the hell out of all dads that what if they drop or hurt the baby the first time they hold them. And yes, you guessed it right, this is one thing the husband wouldn’t even dare to say to his wife because it might actually scare her as well. Yet, a lot of dads get scared of even going into the delivery room because they are just too afraid of holding their little baby.

Fathers are one tremendously fantastic beings. They will try their best to hide their feelings and yet, will sometimes be way more emotional than anyone else. This little quality makes them who they are which is the most caring and comforting iron-clad wall that will withstand anything to protect and take care of their family.