5 Foods To Avoid During Second Trimester

5 Foods To Avoid During Second Trimester

18 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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As your second trimester starts, rapid changes will take place in your body. The most awaited (and much appreciated) one is that your morning sickness will vanish. Your baby is growing rapidly during these three months, and you will start to feel her moving around inside your belly. She may start to recognise and even respond to the sound of your voice. Your belly will begin to show and you will have to make a few changes in your wardrobe to contain the little one inside of you comfortably. During this time, you will surely be instructed that you’ll be “eating for two”. And because you will feel hungrier now than you’ve ever felt before, you will probably believe the advice, but in reality, your baby only needs about 250-300 calories extra with your normal diet. So, rather than eating more, focus on eating healthier, make sure to have lots of fruits and vegetables.

Now for the main part, avoid the following foods during your second trimester:

1. White bread, white rice

These foods rush into your bloodstream and spike your glucose levels in your blood. These spikes may result in more chubby newborns, who are at a greater risk of getting obese as they grow up. If you eat the same number of calories but just swap the foods that you eat with healthier alternatives, your baby will have lesser body fat at birth and there is lesser risk of him/her being obese in the future. So, cut down the white stuff and choose unrefined grains such as whole wheat bread, quinoa, brown rice and oatmeal.

2. Foods that cause constipation

During your second trimester, constipation can be an issue and it can cause a lot of discomforts. IF you realise a particular food item tends to constipate you, don’t eat it. Instead, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water, as doing so will lower your chances of constipation.

3. Alcohol

The effects of liquor on growing babies is generally known and publicised. If you’re pregnant, do not consume it.

4. Artificial sweeteners

Researchers have not yet proved conclusively that artificial sweeteners cause harm to the child, but it’s recommended that pregnant women eliminate or cut down their intake of artificial sweeteners due to the preservatives and chemicals involved in making them.

5. Sugar

Excessive sugar can lead to you putting on weight. While trying to lose weight (or even prevent gaining it) during your pregnancy should not be a concern, gaining unnecessary weight won’t be good for you or your child. So, keep the sugar consumption in check.

6. Caffeine

If you drink caffeinated beverages like coffee or energy drinks at all, cut down your intake to 350 ml during your second trimester. That’s approximately one can (not bottle) of any aerated drinks or 1 ½ cups of coffee.

7. Junk/spicy/acidic food

While it’s recommended that you eat smaller portions several times per day, balancing your nutritional intake along with that should also be a priority. Go for snacks that are healthier (maybe not as tasty) like fruits or veggies.

8. Raw meats and undercooked fish

Basically, the same few foods you should stay away from during your entire pregnancy.











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