5 foods to avoid during the third trimester

5 foods to avoid during the third trimester

18 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Pregnancy is a delicate phase in a woman’s life and needs immense care in every way. Be it in terms of work, travel, or even eating habits, one has to be cautious at every stage to ensure she isn’t jeopardising either her or her child’s life. Anything that is harmful in any amount can lead to hazardous consequences in such a situation and hence, it is advised that a pregnant woman consults her gynaecologist every time she’s unsure of anything. 

So let us make the task a little easier for you and look at 5 food items you must avoid during your third trimester for a smooth pregnancy.   

1. Caffeinated products   

You must limit your intake of food and beverages that contain high amounts of caffeine. The reason being that caffeine contains certain elements that hinder your body from absorbing iron, thereby weakening your body.    

Iron is very essential for you to function efficiently and its need increases even more during pregnancy since you’re nurturing another life within you. Hence, you shouldn’t consume anything that might disturb your iron intake.

It has also been found that women who consume caffeine more than the required amount tend to experience stillbirths, spontaneous abortions and even miscarriages during or after their third trimester. They may also deliver an underweight or underdeveloped baby. So, if you’re a coffee addict and are going to a mum soon, we’re sorry to tell you but, “Quit it!”

2. Papaya

Certain fruits are a strict “no” for pregnant women, especially for women closer to their due date. Papaya happens to be one of them, especially if it’s unripe. Papaya contains an element called latex, which is often a major cause for miscarriages or even preterm labour in certain cases.

Though some might say it’s okay to consume ripe papaya, we suggest you keep away from it until you deliver your baby for it may cause gas and other stomach problems.

3. Certain kinds of fish (Especially undercooked fish)

It has been found that fish is very harmful to a woman during pregnancy. The reason behind it is that fish contains the element mercury, which is very bad for the baby’s physical and mental development. Fish such as shark, king mackerel, swordfish or tilefish contain the maximum amount of mercury. Tuna, however, is relatively safer for consumption.

We suggest you stay away from fish in general to avoid any consequences. We understand seafood lovers will find it hard, but it’s for your own good.

4. Deep fried food

Pregnancy induces cravings in a woman and we’re very much aware of that. We also know that women crave for junk food more often than not during this time. Now, we’re not denying the heavenly experience these foods give us, but if you’re expecting, we suggest you stay away from them to avoid problems such as acidity or other gastrointestinal problems during your third trimester.

Instead, substitute it with food such as green vegetables and fruits that are high in folic acid for a smooth pregnancy and you’ll have no or minimum complications.

5. Canned food items

Canned food has always made our lives easier. No wonder it’s hard to say no to those frozen sausages or nuggets when you’re grocery shopping in your local supermarket. But, during your third trimester, these food items are a big “no-no” for you.

The reason being that these foods contains a heavy amount of preservatives and have certain bacteria that may be harmful to both your health and that of your baby. It is also because the lining of these cans contains an element called Bisphenol A (BPA), which affects endocrine activity, especially if you’re pregnant.

So, stay away from these food items completely without even a single moment of weakness and you will be grateful you did.

We know it’s hard to control yourself, especially if you’re a big foodie, but it’s only for a few days until you can start hogging your favourite foods. Remember ladies, patience is the key to success. So, be patient and take good care of yourself.

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