5 fun and easy ways to lose weight

5 fun and easy ways to lose weight

18 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Shredding those dreaded pounds is an annoying thought that rests somewhere in the back of our minds, especially as summer approaches. This is especially the case when we have to be prepared to dress for the beach or a day at the pool, or even your cousin’s wedding. We only get more conscious of our weight and it isn’t just not wanting to be fat, as losing weight has significantly pointed benefits that go just beyond helping you become less fat, but also aid to keep you healthy. But, like all good things in life, you do not get it without putting in some effort, and time.

So, to make it fun, we’re going to walk you through some really fun ways to lose the pounds!

1. Work out with a friend 

Trust us when we tell you that working out with a friend is a lot more fun than doing it alone. For starters, the biggest impediment to working out is actually beginning to do it. That is, making it a habit is probably the hardest part of working out because once it’s a habit, it’s pretty easy to continue. So, how exactly do you motivate yourself to wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning and run? Get a friend to do the same with you. You will not want to bail when you know that your friend is also going to be up and running. And let’s face another reality about losing weight. When you set out to lose weight, you are probably unhealthy and not getting any exercise. So, the first few weeks are going to be hell and what better way to motivate yourself when you’re feeling miserable that share it with a friend. You know what they say, “misery loves company” and so we’re telling you to go out there and be miserable with your friends. Who knows, you may end up losing weight, and having fun!

2. Make achievable goals and reward yourself when you accomplish them

When you reward yourself after accomplishing your goals, there are three net positives that are independently helpful and are as an additional benefit, fun. Firstly, you become motivated to actually work out and lose weight, which means that you accomplish your goal, but while you are doing it, you have fun because you lay in anticipation for the reward. Secondly, it’s really cool because once you achieve your goal, you will firstly feel so proud of yourself, and additionally feel happier as you reap the cool reward you set up as a treat. And lastly, after the reward, you’ll feel great because it will continue to motivate you to reach the next reward!

3. Run on a treadmill while watching something or listening to music or try some dance cardio

Let’s face it. With the exception of very extreme exercise junkies, nobody really enjoys working out. That’s because it’s painful, your body becomes tired, and you would prefer doing something else that gives you immediate pleasure. So, combine an activity that gives you pleasure along with the activity of working out because, this way, you tend to focus on the pleasure and forget the pain, which will make your workout session a whole lot more pleasurable and fun. Listening to music, watching TV or even doing some fun dance cardio or Zumba can help keep you excited about working out and dropping those pounds.

4. Learn to cook healthy meals

People, we cannot underscore the importance of this tip! If you think about it, working out and exercising is only one-half of the solution. Eating healthy is also equally important, but we’ve all said it at one point or the other. Healthy food is not tasty food. Well, that motto has got to change. Take a cooking class and learn to cook food that is both tasty and healthy. When you cook food with your own ingredients, you learn what goes into the process of making food, and inadvertently, you become health conscious. Ergo, tasty food = healthy food!

5. Explore your city on foot

There are probably several beautiful scenic places in your city that are waiting to be traversed. Google scenic walkways and locations in your city, and make time in your week to go to these parks and just walk or run around. Remember, walking and running are easy enough for anyone to do. (You’ve kind of been doing it all your life) And taking in new locations that are scenically beautiful can not only be a therapeutically relaxing experience, it can also be extremely fun!



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