5 Signs Youre A Mamas Child

5 Signs Youre A Mamas Child

1 Jul 2022 | 2 min Read


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Everyone has a special space for their mom in their heart, but some of us have given her a four story mansion in there. She is your favorite person, the one you’d run to in a crowded room and the first person you want to tell any news to because she is pretty much the coolest person you know and you love her to bits!! Here are 5 signs you’ll relate to if you too are a mama’s child.

1. Your mom knows *Every Single Thing* about you

You can’t keep your mouth shut with your mom. Every single thing you do, your mom has to know about it! Your friend’s girlfriend, your cousin’s date or any random piece of information you hear… your mom will hear about it!

2. You call your mom everyday, without fail

You can not end your day without talking to her at least once. You need to hear her voice and find out what it is that she cooked that day. You are never too busy to call her, whether you are on vacation or just stuck at work.

3. Nothing is too personal

It doesn’t matter what the topic is, you know you can talk to your mom about it. Your mom brought you into this world, so you literally have no boundaries while talking to her.

4. You expect your partner to love her as much as you do

Your mom is the most awesome mom out there and if your partner doesn’t agree with that … well, that’s a deal breaker. She is the most important person in your life and if they can’t bond with mommy dearest, then you can’t bond with them.

5. Nothing is final until Mom says so!

It may seem a little childish to go to your mom for approval, but who knows you better than the birth-giver herself? She knows you in and out and you value her opinion more than anyone else’s! You wouldn’t date a person your mom doesn’t approve of. You won’t cook a special meal without asking your mom for her secret ingredient and you certainly won’t do anything you know your mom does not approve of. This is because you know your mom has your best interest at heart and always wants what’s best for you.











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