Baby Shower Games That You Are Sure To Love

Baby Shower Games That You Are Sure To Love

7 Jul 2015 | 4 min Read

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Pregnancy may be about the miracle of birth and a life-altering change, but who says you can’t have fun along the way! And there’s nothing like a baby shower to put you in a celebratory mood.

Being pregnant means that you have your emotional moments and feel the warm fuzzy love for the baby who is about to arrive. But on most days you may also feel like a beach whale with your body changing more rapidly than politicians change their statements in the media, but don’t let any of that get you down and out. Its time to put on your party boots (ok make that party sandals instead) and gear up for a fun baby shower that will put the back in your mood and give you a chance to celebrate your baby’s arrival with friends and family. And what is likely to make this affair a jolly one, why party games of course. No we aren’t talking about Pictionary or bingo. But special baby shower games, that will have your family rooting and cheering for your baby’s arrival as they celebrate this special time in your life with you.


1. Diaper Duty: This game is bound to bring on the giggles with your guests and be great fun for you too. The host needs to get several diapers and melt different types of chocolates in them (you’ll be surprised how similar melted chocolate and poop can look once smeared in the diaper). The players have to taste the poop on the diaper and guess the chocolate. The player with the most correct answers wins the game


2. Bottle Feed: This is another riot at most baby showers. The host will need to get several baby bottles for the guests at the party and fill them up with adult drinks (beer is a great choice). The player to finish the drink fastest wins the game.


3. Pick The Nipples: Fill a wide tub with water and dunk in several pacifiers and bottle nipples in the tub. The players have to place their hands behind them and pull out as many nipples from the tub within a minute. The player with the most nipples wins.


4. Baby Items Memory: This is a fairly simple game and great fun too. All you need is a pen and paper and you can get going. Pass on a sheet of paper to each player, and ask him or her to list down as many baby items as they can think of in one minute. The player with the most items on his/her list wins.


5. Feed The Baby: The game requires the players to be divided in teams. Each player is given a jar of baby food such as applesauce, strained carrots or peas. The players are then blindfolded and seated opposite each other while one blind folded player has to feed the other one. There will plenty of hits and misses in this one we can guarantee you. The team to finish their jar of baby food first wins


6. Baby ABCs: This is another fun game that requires very little preparation. Ask your guests to write down their ABCs with each letter standing for a baby item. The person who can think of one baby item for each letter of the alphabet wins the game


7. Baby Not Allowed: This game can bring out the competitive spirit even in the most docile guests. Pin all the guests who arrive at the baby shower with a diaper pin on their clothes. Throughout the party there is one word they are absolutely not allowed to say – you guessed it – baby. Every time a guest hears someone in the party say baby they can take that persons pin away. At the end of the party the person with the most pins on them wins the game.


8. Measure The Belly: This is an all time favourite and for good reason. There is nothing as much fun during the baby shower than guessing the size of the mother-to-be’s belly without actually measuring it. The winner is of course the one who guesses closest to the actual size of the belly.


With so many fun games to pick from, we are sure your baby shower can be a fun celebration that will create many good memories for friends and family before the baby arrives.



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