Of Dreams. Of Change. Of Me.

Of Dreams. Of Change. Of Me.

Before I got married, my dreams were laced with how high I could rise career-wise. I dreamt of exploring new options, setting up base at new areas, traveling and saving for my future plans.

Post marriage, I rediscovered my love for being a home bird and quit my opportunities abroad and set base in India itself. At this point, I dreamt of making a super house, planning the nitty-gritty, and saving money to ensure the security of my home. I dreamt of making most of working from home and found fulfillment finally!!


Then I had Sid and now my dreams are no longer related to me. My dreams are hooked to how can I give him the best upbringing. My hobbies are around what he does. My goals are around making him a superb man.

How dreams change! And with every change, you find modifications in your own personality. I have become a giver more than a taker as my dreams changed colors.

And this isn't any compromise that I have made. It is my tryst with change and I am happy to have the ability to change yet remain the same at core!!

Have you guys changed dreams and shifted gears?


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