Simple And Easy Nutrition Tips That Will Change Your Life

Simple And Easy Nutrition Tips That Will Change Your Life

Food is one of man's basic needs and after a hard day at work, when a person is served food, s/he thanks God for it. Whether it is the first meal i.e. breakfast or the last one, it holds importance as 70% of our body is water, the other 30% is matter made up of food. There is a saying - 'we are what we eat', so here are a few nutrition tips which I follow!!

1. Getting up in morning and being in the morning sun for 5-10 minutes is the first thing one should try to do as it not only gives us our dose of vitamin D, which is becoming a nutritional hazard in our country but also gives us a chance to stretch out a little and get prepared for the day. If you have a workout routine, it’s great, but don't forget to have a glass of water before you start exercising.


2. Water is the first thing one should have in the morning, if warm and infused with lemon juice, green tea leaves, honey, jeera, it’s even better. Our body has worked at night to digest our last meal and we also urinated during the night, to excrete toxins and waste, so our body definitely needs water. I personally have about 500 to 800 ml in the morning so that my kidneys don't get overworked and during the day, say every half an hour, I gulp a glass until lunch. In total, I consume around 9 glasses of water a day.


3. We all know that a balanced diet including each food group in optimum amount is the key to good health and according to the food pyramid, grains should be maximum, then fruits and vegetables, then non-vegetarian items and last comes fat as our body needs it to keep one warm and also they help absorb some vitamins.


4. Hygiene is one thing that goes hand in hand with food and cooking. Buying quality ingredients is the start, then comes washing them thoroughly but wisely taking care that we don't wash off the very vitamins and minerals for which we are eating them for. Storing them properly, going for fresh stuff and not using  anything which is too old or rotten or infested in any way is what I try and take care of.


5. The medium in which we cook our food, the cooking methods we use and how much fried and sugary food we eat also makes a difference. The food itself is a medication if taken in the right way. Using good oil brands, changing the brand every 3-4 months help avoid cholesterol related issues. People swear by the benefits of olive oil and it's good, but Indian mustard oil, peanut oil, soya bean oil are also great. I keep changing my oil, use less oil while making a dish and later if needed, I add little more of it. Also boiling and steaming rather than frying helps.


6. It's a known fact that eating less fried food and sugar, having more fiber-rich foods, fruits and veggies help, but even after doing that sometimes our body develops certain deficiencies. One must regularly get health check-ups done to get an idea of such issues and get them treated. It brings a sea change in energy levels and many problems which we didn't even know were because of this.


7. It's a stressful world out there and often people who are working skip breakfasts, have late lunches and unhealthy dinners. It applies to others too who are loaded with responsibilities and are stressed. Thus mending our ways, giving a relaxed time for food, eating our meals on time (especially breakfast) helps. Also,  taking adequate rest and devising ways to bust one's stress (reading, walking in fresh air, spending time with family, music etc) is a must in today's time. A short workout, even walking is at least of some help as something is better than nothing.


Last but not the least, we all have different bodies, different likings towards food, and habits developed since childhood, so don't just freak out on things like why I ate a brownie today or why don't I get time for a workout. Do whatever is in your reach and is practically possible. Stay healthy and happy everyone!!


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