Post Pregnancy Fashion Tips - Part I

Post Pregnancy Fashion Tips - Part I

A new mommy has a lot on her plate to deal with. Right from nurturing a new born to keeping pace with her “all over the place” hormones to the excess body weight. In all this, she hardly gets time for herself and ends up ignoring her needs. I used to look like a hag during my new mommy days. The clothes I had stopped fitting me and I was clueless about what to buy. The initial few shopping trips had me standing in the aisle and staring blankly at the racks of clothing. So, I researched a little bit and figured out some handy tips which I want to share with my other mommy friends.

Leggings or jeggings - A pair or two of these will have you totally sorted for  the next few months of your life. Leggings are no more restricted to only Indian wear. You can pair it up with just about anything like kurtas, tunics or even long tops. Nowadays, leggings and jeggings come with a waistband which helps in hiding that bulging tummy. 

Button down shirts - Your next wardrobe essential. Post delivery you begin with the breastfeeding journey (which is a long, long one mind you. These shirts are your saviours and you end up looking smart too. They are available in almost any colour you can think of and can be paired with leggings, jeggings and jeans.


Drapes - Nothing creates the illusion of toned abs and slim hips like extra yards of fabric flowing around your body. The drapey cardigan is also a built-in nursing cover. If you don’t have one of these then this is the best time to invest in one.

Accessories - I am a big time accessory person. The way you accessorise yourself can easily bring life to a dull piece of clothing. Longer necklaces — either beaded or chains with pendants - which end at your cleavage or lower, which can create an elongating illusion, making you look slimmer. Wear dangly earrings, instead of studs, since they brighten and bring attention to your face (instead of any body parts you may not want in the spotlight right now). 

Shapewear - A total blessing I must say and here I would like to add that ladies, please do not shy away from shapewear. It’s better to wear it than to look flabby. It holds in your stomach and hips and makes you look smoother.


Mommies, the key is to shop smart and pair them up wisely  instead of going on a shopping spree because you will be losing this excess weight in a few months time. Enjoy and keep your fashion quotient up.


Stay tuned for part 2...


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