How To Keep Your Kids Buzzing With Activities This Diwali

How To Keep Your Kids Buzzing With Activities This Diwali

1 Nov 2018 | 2 min Read


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The Diwali vacations have almost begun and that question pops up in most mums’ minds is, “how do I keep my kids occupied?” And if like me, you’re not going to be traveling, then keeping the little ones gainfully busy during the holidays can be a challenge.


This time, I decided that along with craft or DIY activities, I would do something simple yet different with my kids to make the vacations worthwhile. Here are some ideas:


Clean up

Yes, Diwali is synonymous with cleaning up right? So at the very start of the vacations, we have decided to clean out our cupboards, one shelf at a time. We also decided that extra toys and books will be donated.



It’s never too late to develop a love for gardening. Teaching kids how a plant grows from a seed and starting a simple, tiny garden is a great activity.


Developing a hobby

We chose learning the keyboard as the hobby for this vacation. We decided to look at few YouTube videos to help us begin


Painting diyas

Simple clay diyas can be your child’s canvas this Diwali. There’s nothing prettier than displaying your own Picasso’s art


Life skills development

Since our maid was going to go on leave, we decided we will rope in the kids to help. Shelling peas, sorting vegetables and fruits, laying the table are necessary life skills.


So there, wish us success to tide during this vacation. Do you have any other ideas? Let us know!



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