Breastfeeding: It's Not Easy But Worth It

Breastfeeding: It's Not Easy But Worth It

There was a day when I wanted to breastfeed and I dreaded it at the same time and today  I am (touch wood) breastfeeding and enjoying and looking forward to each session every day.


Once in my late pregnancy, I was very clear in my mind that I had to breastfeed and that my milk was my child's birthright to have. I did read articles and developed self-awareness, however, I presumed that once I deliver I would lactate automatically and immediately not realizing that maybe the pain, discomfort or labor could tax my  body enough for me not to try feeding immediately post birth and therefore not lactating in turn. My initial 2.5 months were a big challenge and a painful time- a time I wanted to end soon but never did I contemplate of giving up.


It wasn't easy but I am glad I kept going for today when I look back I realize those days was just a passing phase and that when looked back it seems like that 'comma' before the 'and' which has no relevance. I am but blessed to have people who I looked up to and those who kept me going. To all the new moms and moms-to-be: if it's going hard on you, hold on, breathe, relax and remind yourself if you could produce a baby out of you, you can do anything and everything to nurture and care for it.


You might not see any trace, or perhaps just drops, or perhaps intense pain and soreness, keep going and do not give up. There will be nights you might not get sleep tending to the baby, days when you don't feel like eating but will eat because and of course the milk won't come out of magic if you don't eat to your fill and eat it well.


Your body has undergone immense pain and change just keep up with its recovery. My suggestion would only eat well, eat natural and eat right. My pediatrician told me once it's all in your mind - if you have delivered, you will produce milk and that keep eating like a cow! Do not give up and hold on. 

PS: I had no-milk for 10 days and only a few drops for the entire 2.5 months and today I am sometimes exclusively breastfeeding and sometimes taking FM support in addition to breastfeeding.


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