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Dear Fellow Mom, Here's Why You Are Enough

Dear Fellow Mom, Here's Why You Are Enough

Hey, my dearest mom tribe!

Cheers to that uncombed hair, messy bun, chaotic room and doubt-filled days. Let me tell you one thing, you are not alone in this. Most of us are going through the same things and making mistakes and learning at every step.

If you look at yourself and think that you are not doing good with your baby and are not enough, then trust me when I say this, “you are enough”. You are doing a good job. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t compare your journey with others. Everyone shows a filtered version of their life.

I doubted myself from the moment I was not able to breastfeed my baby. Gradually doubts drifted over to sadness. This elevated the problem. Then I realized that my baby will be a happy baby only if I am a happy mom. Not doubting myself and my instincts were the best decision ever made.

So next time you ask yourself, “Am I doing all wrong?” , remember that what is right for someone, may not be right for you or your baby. You are doing great and are enough for your baby. Don’t be scared. New responsibilities definitely change the graph of your life, but hey! You got this. Keep going with a positive mind and everything will be okay.