This Children’s Day, Here Are Ways You Can Be a Kid Yourself

This Children’s Day, Here Are Ways You Can Be a Kid Yourself

14 Nov 2018 | 2 min Read


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As kids, we couldn’t wait to grow up. Now as grown ups, we can’t wait to be kids again. When we embraced parenthood, we felt we could relive our childhood days, but the duties of being a parent and ‘adulting’ are some reasons why some of us stop ourselves from being a kid again.


But don’t we often miss enjoying the simple pleasures of life like we did in our childhood? Won’t we all be less stressed, less depressed, less grumpier if we only kept more in touch with the child in all of us? So this Children’s Day, make a promise to be a child yourself. Here are few ways to do it.


Laugh at silly jokes with your kids

There’s no harm in laughing more. Even if your child cracks a joke you don’t find funny, laugh at it with your child genuinely, then crack a joke yourself.


Splash in the puddles

Don’t avoid the puddles, sprinklers or the shower of leaves. Dance often, get a little carefree. Chase a pigeon around, stop to smell the roses.


Look at the world through your kid’s eyes

Once we see the world through our children’s eyes, we will never look it at the same way again. Yes, responsibilities of an adult will always be there, but with a lighter heart, we can take on them better as well.


Listen to childhood songs

You will be transported to those good old days instantly. You could even revisit an old hobby, visit a fair and share your little stories of adventure with your kids.


Add a bit of fun to everything

Made a dosa? Make it fun and give it a face. Sing while you bathe. Skip on the stairs. Do anything that makes things less serious.


So grow down a bit, as there’s no hurry to grow up even if you age. Bring back that little girl/boy that you once were, life will be much easier.

Tell us more ways that can help us be a child again, and Happy children’s day!



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