7 Reasons Why I Should Be Given The Terrible Mom Award

Let me be honest here. You see those moms on baby care ads that look soft and beatific? That's not me.
I'm not Miss Goody Two Shoes. I'm a self-proclaimed savage mom who believes in keeping it real.
I tried. I tried to be that perfect, pattern card mom. ‘The children are watching,’ I would think.
But later, I realized that it didn't work. Everyone has their shades of grey and being a mother did too. So there's no point in pretending to be otherwise. But since it does not conform to 'good girl' norms, I call myself nasty. Here's what I do that could put me on the list for Terrible Mom Award.


I Eat My Kids’ Chocolates

Sometimes, when I find my kids’ chocolate stash, I don't think, “Oh, let me keep it for them.” I hide behind the curtains and eat one or two. And when they look for their ‘missing’ chocolates, I look for them too.


I pretend I'm listening

At times, I genuinely listen to the kids’ stories. But when I'm really tired or nursing a headache, I nod my head and say, “yes, yes, that's wonderful.” Even when my kid says he's peed in his pants.


I throw artwork away

Yes, I'm that mean mom who throws away my kids’ craft and artwork away. Who can keep storing those scribbled on sheets? When asked I say, “oh I've saved them.”


Which brings me to…..


I tell little white lies

Don't tell me you're not guilty of these too. “TV is not working.” “My phone has zero battery.” “If you don't eat your veggies, you will turn green.” Which ones do you tell?


I don't bathe my kids sometimes

When I'm so lazy, I just use a wet wipe or something.


I look forward to school days

Holidays are like a nightmare for me. I secretly wait for school to start so that I can drink one cup of tea in peace.


Bathroom excuses are a norm

I sit for that extra ten minutes on the pot just because I find some me time and peace. “Don't disturb me on the pot,” is my standard excuse.


So you see here, I'm no epitome of self-sacrifice. I'm sure you will relate to me here. Which ones are you guilty of?




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