Nurture Your Baby With The Right Skincare Products

Nurture Your Baby With The Right Skincare Products

The moment you discover about your pregnancy, your world starts revolving around the life that is growing within you. You tend to take minute care of things which you previously never considered as important. I have always been a junk food lover but surprisingly, when I was pregnant I rarely ate from out. I started preparing exclusive homemade meals and ensured to satiate most of my cravings at home itself. That is the magnitude of having a baby. This small being starts governing your life.

Once the child is born, s/he needs to be given utmost care and comfort as infants are extremely delicate and fragile. Their skin is very sensitive and the baby care products chosen should be keeping this in mind.


Your baby’s skin is very gentle. I was very anxious during the initial days of Riaan’s birth. I used to be over cautious about his daily care as I feared that he would get sick if I don’t be careful. I panicked for the smallest of things so, I needed to be rock sure about what I was slathering on his body. There arose my first dilemma! Which baby care products to choose from? There are so many names in the market that any new mother just like me would get confused. After a lot of contemplation, I stuck to the easiest option. We had received a lot of baby hampers of Johnson and Johnson’s from friends and relatives. Since this is also a trusted brand, I decided to use the products and give it a shot. I too was a Johnsons baby but, wasn’t if they were still as good after two decades. But to my sheer surprise, they didn’t disappoint me at all. The soaps, shampoos and massage oils were lovely. They had that same, familiar fragrance and yes, it took me back to my childhood memories.

Riaan is three now and I am glad that I chose the best for him. So mommies, enjoy pampering your babies and always make an informed choice for your kids. After all, a happy baby makes a happy mommy.



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