When My Son Wanted To Go To Singapore Because Of A Book

When My Son Wanted To Go To Singapore Because Of A Book

My 7-year-old son has always been a bookworm. He is drawn to different kinds of books but is quite specific with his choice. So recently, when he laid his hands on a book titled, “Little Travel Bug - Singapore,” I thought, “He has never been to Singapore, wonder whether the book will interest him.”


But after reading just a few pages he came to me and said, “Mummy, I want to go to Singapore!” This caught me off guard.


I quickly distracted him and the request was forgotten (temporarily). But curiosity got the better of me and I picked up the book to see what it exactly is about.


Firstly, I found the cover bright, with relatable illustrations. I quite liked the picture of a little bug on a paper airplane. The font through the book is clean and consists of not more than 5-7 sentences per page. My 7-year-old could easily read the book on his own, so I would say this book is for kids 6 years and above. Kids below 6 might need to be read to.



The book goes on to clearly explain how to prepare yourself before, during and after the trip.


It wishes to give the reader an experience of Singapore from the flight itself. So it asks you to spot all the things you can from the aircraft. This is a good way to begin.


The location, history, facts and weather of the place are explained well. There are mentions of Singapore's currency, national anthem, and festivals. There are DIY crafts around the festivals too!



The book then goes on to explain in detail places of interest in Singapore. I was surprised that most places were highlighted. The pictures maintain their playfulness through the book. And that little bug hops from page to page with you :)



What really did it for me were the pages dedicated to pictures from the trip and space for a child to pen down special moments from the trip. There's nothing more nostalgic than opening this book someday and going through the entire trip again!



This book is a great concept. In my opinion, it is slightly expensive at Rs 899. But I guess that is because of the effort that went into conceptualizing the book and that it is for keeps.



It's almost like a guide to a child on a family holiday. By the last page, I couldn't wait to go to Singapore myself. It's time to get the tickets booked!




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