Traveling Abroad With Your Baby? Have A Stress-Free Holiday By Doing This

Traveling Abroad With Your Baby? Have A Stress-Free Holiday By Doing This

We recently returned from a 10-day vacation. Baby Dhairya( 9 months 12 days then) really enjoyed himself. Earlier I was a little skeptical on going abroad for a vacation, but it all worked out well. When traveling abroad with a baby, do keep the following things in mind:


  • Try selecting a baby friendly place. Where you don't need to run around too much.
  • Keep your itinerary flexible.
  • If your baby is at the crawling/ walking stage then select your place of stay accordingly.
  • Make sure you pack everything because one can't be sure to get the exact baby product there. You might/might not get it or it could be costlier.
  • Keep enough diapers, lactogen( for formula fed babies), hot water flask ,wet wipes, all medicines specially anti-allergic, cough & cold, loose motions, sun-screen, mosquito repellent, thermometer.
  • If your baby is on solids try to keep a few things in small bottles. for eg: dal, rice, salt, ghee, roasted suji, and sabudana.
  • Never forget to keep a pressure cooker handy. Believe me, it makes life easier.
  • Pack clothes as per the weather.
  • Carry your baby's pram, baby carrier, and favorite toys.


I have covered more or less everything, here are a few more notes:


We went to Bali with my in-laws and it was a family vacation as my husband had come on  chutti. I am really glad that we all went together and I can't thank them enough for their help as it's not easy to manage a 9-month-old. I also realized that Dhairya is a total water baby, so will plan the next holiday accordingly.

So ladies, go take that vacation you've been since long.  After all, you deserve a refreshing break.


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