How Social Media Has Affected Our Parenting

How Social Media Has Affected Our Parenting

In today’s digital era everyone’s life has become transparent. Every little thing is showcased on social media. A milestone achieved, a cute expression captured or food, everything is out there. Narrowing down to moms, it has created a sense of more awareness in moms. We are well informed and so in any situation, we consult social media first and a doctor later.
But with all this transparency it has also created some bad impacts on us as parents.


There is so much FOMO in us that sometimes unknowingly we get frustrated or think too much and get upset. If baby tasted something the first time, we have to capture that moment. All milestones have to be picture perfect. So instead of appreciating that moments and movements, we are obsessed with creating memories not realizing that we are unable to live those things actually.

Another very important point I want to bring in light is that we slowly start comparison with others kids or their lives. There is a constant pressure of accomplishing. Meanwhile, we forget that everyone shares the scrapbook version of their lives. Only the good is filtered and bragged. Some children catch up with activities fast and some are late bloomers. The point is every child will reach the milestone but with his/ her own pace. So there is no need for comparison.

Most importantly we are killing our precious time in sharing and gathering the updates. If you consider policing yourself, you will be shocked to know how much time you are spending on mobile phones or laptop and losing time that could have been spent as quality time with family or self-indulgence.

It’s funny how we are constantly worried about kids’ screen time and we fail to understand that kids actually learn by observing. So at the end of the day, when they see you having a gala screen time, they are not to be blamed for expecting you to be with them for longer periods. This is something that will affect them in long run. So don’t let gadgets ruin parenting for you and your kids.



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