Suggestive Diet For Lactation

This is not a prescription  and for your specific needs you must consult a Lactation specialist or Nutritionist

Also read more about: How to manage diet so as not to put on those extra kilos even while breastfeeding?, How to manage Gestational Diabetes through Diet?

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thanks mam for such valuable information

This is just in time

This is so well written.

I wish I knew this before


This is so well written.

This is so well written.

Information that I wanted. Thank you.; Very useful.

thankuuu for giving this information

Akanksha; loadz and loadz of love...thanku thanku sooo much...I definitely give a try to this.😍😘

Priti Raghuvanshi ...💟💝♥️

This is just in time

I eat more than this.. still feeling hungry

useful chart

I wish I knew this before

Thnks mam for this information, mam i want to know how to produce more milk from breast?Please mam answer me

Thnku very much

Mam can u plz suggest mi any medicine or any powder so that milk will increase actually my milk supply is totally reduce due to which my baby is not getting enough milk plz suggest mi some thing plz

tq for tips which ll be very helpful me n rest of the mother 's as well.

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