This Heart - Wrenching Post On Loss Will Make You Teary Eyed

This Heart - Wrenching Post On Loss Will Make You Teary Eyed

That girl was a little too smart and a little too sweet. She made it through her degrees and a few extra curriculum certifications. She was bright and merrymaking. A job was next on her mind. She had no one but her mother as her friend, sister, and guide. Suddenly one day she was not feeling well, she got herself checked and the reports showed metastatic cancer. She couldn’t collect herself in that epiphany. When she came home. She was reluctant to summon her mother.

The obscurity made it worse, somehow she managed to talk it out. Her mother was shattered, she could not talk she was left choke.

Days passed the girl’s health was getting worse, her mother made sure she enjoys every moment that was left with her.

One day the girl pulled a chair but in vain it shuddered. Hearing the noise her mother came gushing in. Her eyes were watering as she saw her mother.

The girl said, “ Comfort me the way you comforted me at my birth, rub my palms and hold my back , let me sleep a few minutes on your lap; I want you now as I wanted you then because this too is frightening as it was then, I knew nothing here I know nothing there, I want you to be with me when I enter there, I want you to be the first person to see me end “

To this, her mom replied, “ I’ll do all my best to be with you, you are my brave child and I love you too. This frightening will fade in a month or few. Hold on to me you’ll be alright, you are a fighter don’t give up, my child”.

With this, the girl just made a tilted smile, held her mother with all her might. Then she closed her eyes and in a sign, she took a husking breath and said: “maa thank you and goodbye“.



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