Got A Routine For Your Toddler?. If Not, Here's Why You MUST Set One!

We often ignore the importance of having a routine in life. It is essential not just for kids but elders too. Let me start by sharing why for kids:


  • Having a routine makes them less cranky when there are fewer surprise elements.
  • It helps them in forming a habit towards the mandatory chores.
  • You can plan your day in advance once they have a certain routine.
  • Fixed routine keeps them in control, they fuss less about eating or doing certain chores.
  • Traveling becomes easy if you try to manage their routine there as well.
  • It further helps them in being disciplined and schedule themselves properly once the school starts.
  • Eliminating surprise elements by fixing their routine will keep you also sane and you can focus on yourself better, rather than running throughout the day.
  • Routine can also help in increasing bonding between parents and kids by working towards your time together.
  • Having a routine since the beginning prepares them for their tough future, where it is important to have a schedule.


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