Hear Shradha’s Story On Crafting Her Career!

Hear Shradha’s Story On Crafting Her Career!

9 Aug 2015 | 4 min Read

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From being a corporate girl to a mom to a technical writer and now a creativista…Shraddha surely has been there done that. Her experience and the zeal to try new things helped her nail her true passion, Crafts. Here she shares her story of reaching here and making ‘Gloss & Glue‘ happen. Read on!

1. My mom quotient (MQ):

I believe in being friends with my little one, and avoid bossing as much as possible. The word “No” is something I try to avoid my best.Rather than saying a straight “No”. I want my little girl to logically understand the reason of that no. I just want her to happy and excel in whatever she is best at. I don’t aim for high grades in her school. I just want her to be an average student and enjoy the golden days of her childhood. I want her to be an independent, genuine, strong and happy human being. I am only 3 year old mother, but so far I have learnt that your child imitates yourself. The things you do unknowingly they grab it perfectly. Parenting brings in biggest transformation of your life and it’s the biggest responsibility.


2. My Mom Inc. Story:

My little one arrived in my life after 5 years of my corporate tenure. I always loved to be independent, occupied and constructive. But at the same time I didn’t had the courage to give my precious little daughter in the hands of a daycare or maid, to pursue my career aims. So I decided to start something from home. When my daughter was one, I did a technical writing course, luckily that teacher agreed to teach though Skype. I used to put her to sleep and attend my classes. I also taught 4 foreigners, spoken Hindi through Skype. It took me three months to firm my ground in the writing world and I continued it for good 2 years and still doing it part time.

But when my little one started her play school, the real opportunity knocked my door to rediscover and enhance my love and passion for crafting. The school used to organize fundraisers for noble causes and to surprise people admired my participating creations. I then worked on making it better to turn it into a professional work of art. After I did the full décor of my daughter’s 3rd birthday, I decided to take crafting professionally and launched “Gloss’N’ Glue” on 14th March 2015. First order came from my Friend, her daughter’s birthday party. She trusted me, I did party props and other décor for the 50 guests. She loved it and guests too. I painted pots for first time and really came out well for a return gift order. I tried doing all kinds of customer requirements and every time it came out well. It’s been 4 months now; I have more than 3000likes on FB and worked for around 15 customers. The venture is my passion and real food for my soul.



3. Who inspired/ supported me:

My husband was my biggest support, he got me a new Laptop, spent his bonus on it. Just to help me flourish in my technical writing career. When I chose crafting, he was the one who supported me unconditionally. I am also blessed by wonderful parents, parent in-laws, brother, brother in law and a lovely sister in law. They always encouraged me, boosted my moral and supported in the best possible way they can. My father is a scientist and excellent craft man, an advisor for my crafting business.


4. Advice/tips:

First and foremost advice is never hesitate to try a new things, rediscover yourself and find what are you best at. Secondly, leverage Facebook, it is an excellent media to market yourself, people only need right target audience. Give your services/product best and competitive prices, excellent work quality is your biggest business promotion.When you are wrong you know that, accept your mistakes and you can win your customers.

5. I love BabyChakra because I find like minded people here, useful reviews and valuable info about parenting challenges.

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