Tricolor Sandwich: The Perfect Breakfast after Flag Hoisting!

Tricolor Sandwich: The Perfect Breakfast after Flag Hoisting!

In a hurry to attend the flag hoisting ceremony and can't think of anything else other than your regular sandwich as a breakfast option? Not to worry, just add in some saffron and green to your filling and you are good to go.



1. Multigrain bread slices 2

2. White bread slices 1


Orange layer

1. Carrots grated 1/2cup

2. Hung curd- 2 tbsp

3. Salt and black pepper use minimum to taste


Green layer

1. Paneer (cottage cheese) grated-1/2cup

2. ½ cup mint coriander chutney

3. Salt use minimum to taste



Step 1: For the orange layer mix together the carrots, Hung curd salt and pepper.

Step 2: For the green layer mix the cottage cheese with mint coriander chutney and salt. Place a multigrain slice on the work top.

Step 3: Spread the green layer evenly over it. Place a white bread slice over it. Spread the orange layer over the white bread slice evenly and top with a Multigrain slice. Press gently.

Step 4: Cut each sandwich into three fingers and serve immediately.

Your grub for the day is ready!

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