Picking The Perfect Name For Your Baby – Things To Remember

Picking The Perfect Name For Your Baby – Things To Remember

“What's in a name' you say? Well everything! So, here are some baby-naming tips to help you pick 'em just right!

Will it be a traditional name with a mythological link or a modern contemporary one that will roll easily off the tongue? Will you go the international route and name your baby from some other culture and country altogether? Or maybe you will just name your baby after one of your favourite aunts in the family. The choices are abundant, so we can completely understand how perplexing it can get when it comes to picking just the right name for your little munchkin. It's one of the biggest and also the first decision that you will be making for your child after all! That's exactly why we have drawn up some special guidelines for you to follow to make the naming process just a little easier.

1. Throw some names around: The best way to know how you feel about a particular name is to just casually bring it up with your partner. See how he reacts to the names you have suggested and welcome suggestions from his end as well. Casually discussing names is a great start before you eventually pick that one perfect name.

2. Make a list: Any productive task starts with making a list and that is true even in the case of finding a name for your baby. So, make a note of any baby name you like both for boys and girls. This will give you a bank of names to choose from as the time nears. And once its down in pen and paper, its easier for you to assess how you feel about the name you are reading.

3. Put it together: Seeing how the names you shortlist sound with your last name is another important step. Also do ensure you write down the initials of your child's name with the middle name, this will help you recognise any glaring errors, such as the name adding up to something that can be embarrassing or funny. (Think Dina Omesh Gaur – D.O.G.) The last thing you want is your child being picked for the name you so lovingly chose for him/her.

4. Spell it right: While you may have fallen with a name which is immersed in mythology and has a beautiful meaning do check if its not complicated to spell or enunciate. You certainly don't want close relatives and friends making a complete hack-job of the name that you thought was regal and melodious for your baby. Besides do you really want your daughter/son going through life spelling out their name every time they have to introduce themselves? We think not!

5. Shorten it too: Yes, who doesn't know Piggy Chops and AB baby but seriously can you imagine your child being called that for the rest of his/her life? Even if its just family and friends? Our suggestion; pick a name that is likely to sound just as pleasing when shortened (because believe us it will be shortened lovingly by many a relative in the family). Alternately you can also choose a name that is short and can't be further shortened even if one tries.

6. Think long-term: When you see pictures of cute and cuddly babies might get tempted to give a name that fits the description. But remember your child is not going to remain cute and cuddly forever. He/she will grow into an adult and a name like Guddu/Guddi on a fully-grown adult just doesn't sound quite right.

7. Consider the siblings: This is a personal choice of course, but many parents with an older child tend to choose names that rhyme (think Tina, Dina, Rina). We say instead of creating a rhyming family, you can use the same initial alphabets and let the names be different. For example Ahan and Ananya! Believe us your children will be grateful that you took the effort.

8. Pick a good book: There are plenty of books with name listed and their meanings in the market and it may be a great place to start when it comes to picking your baby's names. Alternately you can always look online for the unlimited options to find the perfect baby name for your little cherub.

9. Celebrity awe: We love our celebs in India, especially the film fraternity, but don't go around naming your child after your favourite actor or actress. Your child will probably hold the identity crisis he/she faces against you in the long run, and that's the last thing you want.

10. Get creative: You can find the perfect name for your baby in the most unlikely places so keep your eyes peeled for any names you come across, whether its while reading your favourite novel, traveling to a country abroad and meeting co-travellers or even in your family tree. The perfect name may be closer to you than you think!

11. Love it together: Finding a name for your baby together with your spouse is a special experience. It brings your pregnancy journey to culmination in one sense, so don't stress yourself out, instead enjoy the process with each other. Take the time to discuss why you love the names you do and enjoy listening to your partner share his feelings on the names for the baby too.

At the end of the day you may get suggestions galore on the names you can pick for your baby, but remember the ultimate decision lies with your partner and you. So take the suggestions you get and follow some of these guidelines, but in the end go with your instincts and we are sure you will fall in love with a name for your baby that sounds just like music to your ears!


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