The Many Benefits Of Jaggery Milk

The Many Benefits Of Jaggery Milk

Milk and jaggery individually have many health benefits for  the body and when combined, it becomes a super drink. Let's see the benefits of drinking milk with jaggery -


  • Having it before bed will cure distress and you give you sound sleep.
  • Like milk, jaggery also helps in nourishing your bones and muscles. It is suggested that consuming milk with jaggery reduces joint pains and bone problems.
  • Improves digestion, best home remedies for problems like indigestion, constipation, and intestinal worms as it regulates your digestive system and bowel movement.
  • Many ladies suffer from stomach pain before and during their menstrual cycle. Having 1 tsp of jaggery daily can relieve premenstrual symptoms and pains.
  • A glass of milk with jaggery helps pregnant women to fight against anemia.
  • It gives you ravishing skin and hair. Both jaggery and milk play a pivotal role in the beauty of skin and smooth hair. If this combination is included in the diet, you can get a glowing, fresh skin as well as smooth healthy hair.


I have recovered very quickly from my knee fracture by having jaggery milk every day.

Do try and let me know in a comment below how it was and did your child accept the taste.


Note: This drink should only be given to babies who are one year and above.


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