10 Reasons Why Having A Brother Absolutely Rock For Your Little Girl!

10 Reasons Why Having A Brother Absolutely Rock For Your Little Girl!

21 Aug 2015 | 3 min Read

Baby Chakra

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With Rakshabandhan just round the corner, we give you 10 more reasons to be thankful your daughter has been blessed with a brother in her life! 

Title: Because she will always have a partner in crime and someone to play with irrespective of the status of friends present in her life



Title: She will learn to play rough and toughen up at an early age! While she may still enjoy her dolls and kitchen sets, she will be just as enthusiastic about racing cars, building Lego sets and playing sports with her brother



Title: She will never lack company. If her friends are unavailable, then she can just join in with her brother’s friends and play with them



Title: As she grows up, she will always have someone to look out for her. Let’s face it boys can be protective about their sister, and you will be heaving a sigh of relief when your son is looking out for your daughter just as you would.



Title: If she ever gets into a fight or an argument she can count on her brother to have her back, no matter how ugly things get.



Title: She will learn how to defend herself, because of the many many fights that she has had with her brother, and wont be afraid to stand up for herself – so don’t tear your hair out just yet.



Title: She will also learn to include those different from her in play and as an extension in her life. And this is thanks to her brother being a part of her life. They don’t have to have the same interests, but they have to just be interested in being with each other



Title: She will always have that one extra person besides her parents who gives her unconditional love and support no matter what she does or says



Title: He will always be the family she needs when you are no longer around. Yes, it may be far away in the future, but you will be comforted immensely knowing that your daughter will not be all alone



Title: At the end of the day, they may fight with each other, annoy and tease each other and even tease and embarrass each other every now and then (ok we admit more often than not), but they will always be there for each other through the thick and thin in life now and forever!