Intimacy During Pregnancy


Fluctuating hormones, an altering body, and a string of mood swings sometimes make deep cuts into the emotionally intimate life of a couple. At times, the husband manages to make you feel sexier than ever. At the other times, you might happen to be too tired or nauseous to make love. Here are a few tips to keep the intimacy going!

1. Open the doors of communication
As they say, there is nothing that can be more beautiful than a conversation with someone with a beautiful mind. Settle down for nothing less than an intimate mood (maybe under the blanket of the night sky?). Being honest with each other about your hopes, worries, longings, expectations, dreams, and fears can be helpful. Talk openly and share with your partner the effect of hormones, any apprehensions or fears or self-doubts on being a great parent.  Also, do listen to what is topmost in his mind. Be mentally and emotionally available to advise and reassure him.


2. Get snogging
Give her that sensuous, very gentle foot rub, and don't go above the ankles if that’s what she wants at the moment. Recognize his need for an orgasm. Getting naked, and slowly stroking and caressing each other to climax is a possibility. It vvensures that the partners can relate to each other in a familiarly intimate manner, be it with or without intercourse. This isn’t about succumbing to those wishes, it’s about going beyond yourself for the one you love.
 P.S. If you can go above the ankles, after all, use baby oil rather than aromatherapy oil.

3. Get cuddling
Hold hands, rest your head on his shoulder as he runs his fingers through your hair, sleep on her lap, or settle for a cozy hug in the evening as you talk. It’s amazing what two people can share even in complete silence.


4. Have a get together
Go watch a movie; don't forget to cuddle. Have a chat over dinner; and make sure it’s not the baby you’re talking about (You and your husband have a relationship that’s different from the one that you will be sharing with your child). Go to a bookstore together and read; pick out something that might make your husband realize how you've been feeling lately. Go through a photo album; embrace the past before welcoming your future. Exercise in each other’s company; believe it or not, studies have shown fresh sweat to have an attractive smell.


5. Shower your affections
The smallest of things matter the most. Compliment her when she’s down, cook his favorite meal, surprise her with a box of chocolates and a bouquet, let him watch the game tonight. These acts of kindness make one realize that someone will always have their back.


The thought of playing soothing music, gulping down warm drinks, and having a couple of snacks doesn’t sound intimate enough? Combine it with the idea of a titillating shower with each other!

P.S. Intimacy doesn't mean sex, they are thus two different words. Intercourse and orgasm are only one way to experience intimacy -- and if it's not possible, there are other ways to stay close.

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Suma Arun Kumar

Useful Article...

Ramandeep Kaur

good information


Nice thought....but again the same ????in mind can we have sex during pregnancy is it safe??I m 4 weeks pregnant n my hubby n I feel so close sometime n can't control.but I have to say no to him thinking it could harm the baby ...plzz suggest..when we can sart sex if we want to...


I wish I knew this before


Check youtube video of dr.Mr.Kamaraj about this question


My husband is clueless and useless. I feel pathetic.

lipi nair

My husband is not with me right now from 4th mon iam feeling so lonely and emotional these days tears are always in my eyes...

subhashree Swain

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Anitha Kumari G

This is so well written.

Rushali Gupta

This is exactly what I was looking for.

charmi shah

Sounds like so much fun.


Sounds like so much fun.

lubna tabassum

I wish I knew this before

lubna tabassum

Sounds like so much fun.


It's so touchy and written so nicely.


Very Nice

Adzablatsu Gloria

Sounds like so much fun.

Pauline Samuel

This is so well written.

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I wish I knew this before

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This is just in time

Iti Tyagi

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