Mi Home Security Camera Basic Review

When Xiaomi launched its phones in India, they became a rage. Everyone wanted to own a piece but getting it became a matter a price. After all, the phones were sold in flash sales and the units were gone in less than 30 seconds. The Chinese brand slowly added more products to the portfolio and now they sell TVs, Air Purifiers, Fitness Bands, Earphones, Security Camera, Selfie Stick, and Backpacks, and wait for it….a Rollerball Pen. The Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p is one of its bestselling products as it provides not just secure but also comes at a very reasonable price. So is it worth the hype? Find out below.


The camera is packed in a compact box which also includes a standard adapter and an instruction manual. It’s fairly simple to set up - just plug in the cord, download the app on your phone (works on both Android and iOS), follow the steps, and ta-da, you’re done. You will now be able to get a live view of what's happening in the area that the camera covers. Coming to that, the device has an ultrawide 130° lens, which means its field of view is large. I placed it in the corner of my hall ceiling could easily keep track of what’s going on in the entire room.



The camera showcases a live view - so I could keep track of the events at home while I was at work. What I loved is the alert when there was too much movement in an area that I highlighted. Thankfully, it was always someone across the room at a much faster speed. Since it displays 1080p full HD videos, the quality was absolutely brilliant and only got blurry when the internet connection slowed down.


The talkback feature helps big time as one can talk to the people at home without the use of a phone. While I didn't use this feature much, I’m certain that parents will find this the highlight of the product. The camera is also extremely lightweight and you can rotate in multiple ways. Though it is made of plastic, the quality felt top notch and I’m sure this home security system will last for years. Now, should I get one, you ask? YES! This product is complete bang for your buck as no other home security camera offers such features at this price point.



Xiaomi has another winner here and just like it revolutionized the smartphone industry in the country, the brand will soon make a huge impact in the smart home products section. Cheap and quality are two words that generally don't go hand-in-hand but well, Xiaomi is here to change that.


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