Postpartum Massage: An Important Recovery Part Post-delivery

Postpartum Massage: An Important Recovery Part Post-delivery

Postpartum massage is a very important part of recovery post delivery. It is the most holistic approach for a new mum who is adjusting to the life-changing event of motherhood and adjusting to it. Massage to your body itself provides a lot of relaxation and is a great stress buster. Postpartum massage also helps in regulating the hormones post delivery and speeds up the entire recovery process. The postnatal massage is a wonderful traditional Indian practice, which relaxes the mom a lot and helps the new mom in recovery. This massage is usually taken during the forty days recovery period. The postpartum massage is given by the specially trained people only for this. It also helps in reducing swelling, improved breastfeeding. It helps restore your body to pre-delivery form.


Benefits of postpartum  massage


There are lots of benefits of postnatal massage. These benefits will help you recover fast from the entire process of pregnancy and delivery process. It also provides some “me” time to the mother. Here is a list of benefits that a mother has from this type of massage.


  • Stress reduction
  • Coping with postnatal depression
  • Recovery from the process of delivery
  • Improves the sleeping pattern
  • Improved breastfeeding


Stress reduction


The pre-delivery massage helps ease sore spots in the body. The process of childbirth has a lot of stress on the body, especially the abdomen and the lower body part. You have just started to breastfeed and your back also might be sore. The massage provides relaxation to the entire body. The massage also helps the body to release endorphins which help in the relaxation of the body and helps the new mum adapt to all the changes going on around her and in her life.


Coping with postnatal depression


Postnatal depression is a very serious and grave condition that affects the majority of women all around the world after childbirth. But, many of them tend to keep it to themselves. But, this is the condition that needs immediate medical assistance. Postpartum massage helps a lot in coping with postnatal depression. It helps in the release of hormones to relax the body and in that way helps in stabilizing the mental condition of the new moms.


Recovery from the process of delivery


The postpartum massage increases the flow of blood and oxygen to our muscles and removes toxins from it. It increases lymphatic drainage and helps in the removal of excess waste from the body and hence reduces the swelling.


Improves the sleeping pattern


All of the new mums feel exhausted after the process of labor and round the clock childcare. Post pregnancy massage increases the delta brain waves, which in turn help in relaxing the brain and the body and makes you fall asleep while the massage is going on and also improves the sleeping pattern overall. Improved sleep is the most important factor for the recovery post delivery and for losing baby fat.


Improves breastfeeding


The postnatal massage helps in triggering the release of hormones which help in triggering the letdown reflex. The letdown reflex help in triggering the production of milk. The massage also helps in relieving mastitis and relieves clogged milk ducts.


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