How The Concept Of Birthday Celebration Has Changed With Time

How The Concept Of Birthday Celebration Has Changed With Time

Shalini Sinha, one of our BabyChakra mothers has very nicely expressed her thoughts on the way Birthday Celebrations have changed with time. From being a simple celebration to a more expensive and glamorous celebration, Birthdays are no less than a festival. Dear Parents, this is definitely a food for thought!


Birthday or a festival?? Over the period of time many  things have changed and one of them is Birthday Celebration of our kids. Planning a Birthday Party for your kid these days is a big task.


Party Then!


I remember when we were small we used to have a small gathering including Family, Friends and their Mommies. The cake in our Birthday would be a simple one and absolutely nothing fancy like cartoon characters etc. The menu would be generally a cake, samosa, kala jamun, mixture for snacks and thats it. The menu  used to be the same for everyone. The Party would be all about eating and chit chatting.


Party Now!


Kids these days have so many choices. Cakes for boys are different from girls. On top of that there are certain other parameters which we need to keep in mind like the colour of the cake, the picture on it, the flavour etc. Then comes the snacks. If you are celebrating at home be prepared for another brainstorming session with the items to be served. The demands don’t end here. Activities like tattoo making, magic show, puppet show etc. are all ad-ons. The room is expected to be decorated again as per the kid’s choice. And last but very important is the concept of return gifts. If you are celebrating outside then you have the privilege to ignore the snack part.


With time those small family gatherings have changed into exclusively kids’ party concept. Kids today have become more  demanding as compared to what we were. They want everything of their choice. Whatever be the grade of celebration we all want to enjoy. The bottom line is we enjoyed as kids and so are our kids.


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