6 Beauty Essentials Every Mom Should Own

6 Beauty Essentials Every Mom Should Own

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Once you’re a mother, it may seem tough to hold on to your seemingly slipping beauty. Mothers choose to hide behind the excuse of this busy phase of motherhood and forget to take care of their skin, makeup and general beauty and wellness.

However, no matter how busy you are in accomplishing the errands and all the expected parenthood duties, you must never forget about yourself. After all, your ‘me time’ is not your selfishness, but a necessity, which should be fulfilled.

It isn’t necessary for you to step out to make yourself feel good. All you have to do is take the time to groom yourself a little and look good. This will be enough to lift your mood instantly.

Try filling your cosmetic bag with these must-have beauty essentials that will make you look and feel good upon using them.

1. Lipstick or Moisturising Lip Tint

You can choose a lipstick that will give you a natural look or maybe go for a tinted lip moisturiser to keep your lips healthy and bright. Some lip tints come in flavours too, adding some fun to your beauty routine.

2. Don’t Forget Your Mascara

It’s a known fact that no matter how sleepy or tired you look, a simple coat of mascara to your lashes can bring life to your face. Even if you didn’t get to sleep enough last night, courtesy of your baby, a couple coats of this heavenly product can transform you. It only takes a few seconds to swipe some on, so you can easily add it to your beauty kit.

3. Foundation or Base Is Important

The sole purpose of using a foundation is to have clear skin that looks more like a blank canvas—clear of black spots, redness, pigmentation and any other concerning skin conditions. Choose a foundation or base, that you can use along with your moisturiser, by simply mixing them both and applying when necessary. You’ll get a fresh look in a jiffy.

4. Concealer To Simply Conceal

Any mom can look younger by making use of a concealer. Concealers can do the whole ‘delete a few years off your face’ trick in an instant. Use a suitable tone of concealer to conceal eye bags, the sides of the mouth and the nose.

5. Some SPF Will Do A World Of Good

Even if, with so much makeup, you decide to take a walk outside, you’ll end up damaging your skin due to the sun’s harsh rays. The only beauty essential that can help protect your skin is a good sunscreen. Wear it every day and you will see the difference between your skin and that of those who don’t use sunscreen.

6. An Essential For Your Eyebrows

If you happen to be blessed with thick brows, do not forget to fill the gaps with a bit of black or brown taupe powder. Also, if your brows are too dark, then lighten then with the help of a brow mascara. You can always use a pencil or brush to mend your overgrown or over plucked brows.