6 Ways To Sleep Better During Pregnancy Xyz

6 Ways To Sleep Better During Pregnancy Xyz

19 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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Caring for one’s child starts in every mother’s heart right from the day she finds about her pregnancy, and from then till forever, this love only increases. A mother does her best to keep her child comfortable even if she has to face difficulties and discomfort herself. However, even mothers need the best of comfort, especially when she is sleeping. When a woman is pregnant, she has to take care as to the position in which she sleeps so that the baby is not affected in any way, which leads to the mother’s discomfort.

Sleeping is a very important activity for an expectant mother, since she needs her due rest in order to maintain not only her own health, but her baby’s health as well. A few ways of pregnant women getting a good night’s sleep are listed below.

1. Sleep On Side (SOS)

One of the best positions to sleep is the SOS position. This position is comfortable for both the mother and the child, and keeps the baby safe. Sleeping on the left side is even better, as it improves the blood and nutrient flow to the baby.

2. Watch what you eat

The foods you eat significantly affect your quality of sleep and thus, try choosing protein-rich foods. Consuming rice and potatoes will also help. Also, try taking small meals more number of times rather than 3 full meals.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercising daily will help circulate blood and flex your muscles, which in turn will help you in getting a good night’s sleep.

4. Take a hot shower

Taking a hot shower before going to bed will help you relax and will stimulate blood flow. It will also help with your cramps and decrease the chances of getting cramps during the night.

5. Get a body pillow

A body pillow helps you find a comfortable position to sleep in, especially for women who have a habit of sleeping on their stomachs. Varied types of body pillows are available and care should be taken to buy the most suitable one.

6. Form a routine

It is important to form a sleeping routine and help your biological clock adjust to the changes. You might face some difficulties initially, but your body will soon adjust and you will be able to get sound sleep.