Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

I'm Dr Mukta Choudhary and I'll be giving tips on  healthy diet during pregnancy.


I'm 6 months pregnant and weigh 41kg. What can I do to increase weight?

An average Indian woman should again at least 10kg. Metabolic rate also matters. Even if there is no significant weight gain but mother and baby are healthy then there is no problem. It is not important to become fat during pregnancy. Instead aim to be fit. First key to healthy pregnancy is breakfast which is an energy booster for the whole day. Drink milk every day for calcium. Also include two servings of fresh fruits, a well balanced lunch and soups of nutrient rich vegetables. This will keep you healthy even if there is no significant weight gain. Oilseeds like pumpkin and flax are important sources for omega-3 fatty acid. Avoid oily snacks and junk food. Keep yourself hydrated. Do not overcook vegetables but also avoid raw salads. Eat dry fruits.


What can I do to deal with weakness?

The cause could be anemia. Increase iron intake and folic acid. It is very important for giving oxygen to baby. Get your haemoglobin levels checked.


Why do I have burning sensation in my feet?

It is an indication of lack of multivitamins especially B-12. Get checked for vitamin deficiency. You should also start taking supplements in the meanwhile.


Which fruits should be eaten during pregnancy?

You can eat every fruit. There are misconceptions that some fruits generate heat or are harmful for pregnancy but it is not so. Anything Anything in excess is bad. Eat in moderation. Eat juicy, citrus fruits to prevent spine bone deficiency in baby and strengthen the nervous system in baby.


Can I eat watermelon? My mother-in-law doesn't allow me to.

Yes, definitely you can eat watermelon. But avoid eating in excess. Watermelon has high water content and too much can cause water retention and nausea. It can also overactivate the intestine and cause diarrhoea. Your mother-in-law is just concerned for you.


I'm 2 months pregnant and I don't feel like eating anything. Even the sight of a simple roti angers me. What should I do?

This symptom is common in pregnancy especially in the first trimester. You can substitute regular roti with jowar, bajra or nachni roti. You can also eat vegetable paratha. Try and experiment to find what you like and eat that as substitute.


I'm experiencing vomiting even after 3rd month.

Many experience vomiting till 9th moi. Eat small frequent meals. 



What should I eat during travelling?

Avoid junk food and oily snacks. Stay away from aerated drinks. Food that triggers acidity can give you a headache. Stock and carry some homemade foods like roti, sabji, fruits and snacks. Do not carry heavy ghee sweets.


What diet is recommended during pregnancy?

Diet rich in calcium, iron and protein is recommended. No outside food should be consumed as it is not good for baby. It will add to mother's weight post pregnancy. Outside food also has high sodium which can cause blood pressure and other complications. Sugary, fizzy, carbonated drinks can also cause gestational diabetes. Healthy diet is must.


How much water should I drink?

At least 3 litres per day should be consumed. Water in any form is fine. You can add lemon juice/Cucumber/strawberry to enhance the flavor. Dehydration can make you weak. There can also be false swelling which is actually water retention. In case of less water intake, body will hoard the  water showing unhealthy weight gain.


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