Best Playschools In NOIDA

Best Playschools In NOIDA

Play school – the first stepping stone of a child in the world of studies and endless scholastic learning – but how much of thought do we really give before choosing one for them? Does it even make a difference?

Of course, it does! A recent research conducted by Education World portrayed the Top Schools of NOIDA on the basis of the Total Score of the below mentioned parameters:

1. Competence of Teachers
2. Teacher Welfare and Development
3. Infrastructure Provision
4. Individual Attention to Students
5. Value for Money
6. Parental Involvement
7. Innovative Teaching
8. Safety and Hygiene
9. Leadership Quality

So here, I wish to share what the research revealed and then share details on the TOP 5 PRESCHOOLS OF NOIDA.


Best Playschools In NOIDA

Number 5: Maple Bear Canadian Pre-School
Score: 751
Education Method: Playway
Address: C-49 A, Sector 48, Near Samvedna Hospital, NOIDA
Phone Number: 08826133288
Minimum Age of Admission: 10 Months
Transportation: Made Available

The Maple Bear Play School offers Play Area, Day Care, Preschool and Library facilities. It ranks high on Infrastructure, Safety and Hygiene, and Innovative teaching. The classrooms are very colourful to encourage playful learning for children. They cater to age groups of Early Toddlers, Toddlers, Nursery, Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten.

Number 4: Kangaroo Kids
Score: 764
Education Method: Playway
Address: A-73, Sector 34, NOIDA
Phone Number: 01204220695
Minimum Age of Admission: 2 years
Transport: Made Available

Kangaroo Kids ranks high on Infrastructure provision, individual attention to students, safety and hygiene and Innovative teaching. It is cited in the campus of Billabong high school. They boast of about 80 preschools across the country. The teacher to student ratio is 1:8 for 2-3 year old kids and 1:12 for 3 to 5 year old kids. They cater to educational needs of four groups – Playgroup, Nursery, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten.

Number 3: Amiown Play School

Score: 757
Education Method: Montessori, Reggio Emilia
Address: Sector 44, NOIDA
Phone Number: 01202432960
Minimum Age of Admission: 2 Years
Transport: Made Available

Amiown Playschool ranks high on Infrastructure Provision, safety and hygiene and Innovative Learning. This playschool has been founded by the founders of the Amity Group, with branches in Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Delhi. Classrooms are designed for proper air circulation. They also organize workshops for parents where teachers and parents get to learn from each other. Provides facilities like the library, where students are also allowed to take some books home.

Rank 2: Gaia Playschool and Day Care

Score: 807
Education Method: Playway
Address: NS 2, Sector 93, Noida Opp Gate 2, ATS Village, NOIDA
Phone Number: 09953750670
Minimum Age of Admission: 1 year and 6 months
Transport: Made Available

Gaia Playschool and Day care ranks high on Value for Money, Infrastructure Provision, and Individual attention to Students. They offer schooling for play group and nursery students. The teacher student ratio of the school is 1:20. They have extensive lawns, ponds and open play zones for children. Their classrooms are well ventilated and hosts child friendly equipments.

Rank 1: Windows Play Group & Pre-Nursery School

Score: 814
Education Method: Montessori
Address: E-6/A, Sector 50, NOIDA
Phone Number: 01203291036
Minimum Age of Admission: 1 year and 10 months
Transport: Made Available

Windows Play Group and Pre–School ranks high on Infrastructure Provision, Safety and Hygiene and parental Involvement. They offer facilities like the library, and Play Area. Their rooms are air conditioned, have a well stocked library, computer room and a large basement for indoor activities like music, games, arts, music and dance. They also provide snacks to children. Their teacher student ratio for pre – nursery is 1:20 and for Play group, the teacher student ratio is 1:15

Pre-schools, Day cares and Nurseries, have all an important part to play in the lives of our little ones. It is crucial to figure out the right methodology of teaching and understand the focus of the school on the overall development of the child. We hope that this list helps you make a better decision in choosing a school that is right for you as well as your baby.

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