7 Ways To Teach Your Children The Joy Of Giving

7 Ways To Teach Your Children The Joy Of Giving

Kindness is a virtue that makes people empathetic, reduces violence and improves the health of the society at large. Hence, it makes sense to inculcate this value in children as early as possible to make them into compassionate human beings and responsible citizens.
With the joy of giving week round the corner, it's an excellent opportunity to teach your children to be kind by sharing and giving.

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Listed below are 5 ways to teach your children the joy of giving:

1. Arrange a playdate with less privileged kids:

Let your kids learn that not every child born in this world is privileged to have fancy toys and expensive games. Hence, arrange a playdate with kids of your domestic help or slum kids where your children can share their toys and games with the less privileged. At the end of the play, encourage your kids to give a few toys or books (in good condition) to their less privileged friends as a keepsake.

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2. Make sandwiches for building watchmen:

Ask your kids to make sandwiches (smaller kids can help by applying butter and putting sliced vegetables on the bread) and tea and give it to the building watchmen who guard your homes in sunshine and rain.

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3. Help neighbours:

Giving is not only limited to objects; kids should learn that giving time and effort are equally important. Kids can help neighbours who are old by helping them carry their grocery bags or walking their dog. Similarly, older kids can help a mother by offering to mind her baby.

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4. Feed stray animals:

Kids can feed stray dogs and cats in and around the housing society, and take them to the nearest veterinarian if found them hurt or in pain.

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5. Plant trees:

Teach your kids that kindness should not be restricted only to humans and animals. The environment needs their kindness as well. Help your kids to plant trees and teach them how to take care of them by watering them regularly, de-weeding them and putting compost.

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6. Say 'Thank You':

Kids can make 'Thank You' cards and give it to people who make important contribution in their life, such as their school bus driver and attendants, postmen and watchmen. Small kids as young as 3 years old too can participate in this activity.

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7. Urge other people to donate:

Ask your children to make placards and take them to public parks or red light junctions where more and more people can see their messages and are motivated to donate.

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Let your kids learn that a smile earned is worth the toy given or the effort made. The joy of giving week may be for a few days, but the values learnt will stay with your kids forever.

The Joy Of Giving Week starts from October 2 to 8. Encourage your kids to be kind and revel in the joy of giving.

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