What Must You Know About Mother Toddler Programmes

What Must You Know About Mother Toddler Programmes

As soon as my daughter was 9-month-old, my friends and relatives started asking – 'When will you put your daughter in Pre-School? At 18 months or 24 months? ' And, the fear of leaving my girl alone led to anxiety and confusion. I was also not ready to leave my child alone especially in her early days. I then happened to visit Zurich which gave me a new perspective. My daughter and I joined a 'Mother Toddler Programme' there @Gymboree for a Month. That one month made the finest moments time I ever spent with my kiddo. I met some great mommies, and most importantly connected at so many levels with my girl.

So what is a 'Mother Toddler Programme'?
The program, including different activities, is envisioned for the age group of 9 months to 2 yrs. It gives your toddler an opportunity to explore creativity and interact with other children. This experience is not only recreational but also provides momentous learning opportunities for you and your toddler.
Research also shows that parental involvement plays one of the most significant roles in a child's educational triumph. Moreover, parents who are active in their child's education are representing that education is an essential family value.

Benefits from this program:

1. Robust Initiative towards your Child's Education- Early learning makes the foundation stronger

2. Sensory & motor skill development
– An essential component in your child development

3. Create a special bond with your child – Spending quality time with your child at this age, create a lifetime bond

4. In-depth understanding of your Child Behaviour - You will be able to understand your child's wow and blue moments in a very playful manner.

5. No teary transitions to Pre-School – Social Interaction at this program eases the pre-school transition.

6. Create like-minded mommy's group - Enjoy chatting with like-minded mommies and share your experiences too. More importantly, you get to interact with other adults in your otherwise busy life.

7. Explore more about your Child Interests – You can activate their latent abilities and interests.

8. Exposure to Group play – This will help your kids to interact with their peers and develop their social skills and language abilities.

And last but not the least, remember' A child's first teacher is its mother'.

I encourage all mums out there to join this program for their child's early development. You may choose any of the below mentioned Mother Toddler Programs in Delhi/NCR:

1. Intellitots – Start Early, Start Right (Gurgaon).
2. Gymboree – Play & Music (New Delhi).
3. The Knowledge Bus- global pre-school (New Delhi).
4. KLAY – Kids Learning And You (New Delhi
5. Bumblebees – Think Learn Create (New Delhi).

So go ahead and join a mother –toddler programme especially if your child is in the age group of 12-30 months. Not only will the toddler have a great time, you will discover a new dimension in his/her developments, at the time when you are still figuring things out.

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