5 Places To Teach Kindness To Your Children

5 Places To Teach Kindness To Your Children

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There are enough opportunities in everyday life when you can show your children how to be kind. However, as the Joy of Giving Week is approaching, it is an ideal time to begin the journey of teaching kindness to your kids and giving joy to others.

Here are 5 places to teach kindness to your children:

1. Orphanage:

You can donate a meal at your nearby orphanage. It will be more impactful if you and your family can partake the meal with the kids of the orphanage. It's a great eye opener for your kids to see kids their age or younger than them living together under a modest roof.

2. Traffic signals:

Offer water bottles, lemon sherbets and snacks to traffic policemen who handle traffic the whole day in unbearable weather conditions. When your kids see how hard these people work so that they can make your lives easier, they will learn to respect and empathize with them.

3. Railway stations:

Ask your kids to make sandwiches for, or donate biscuits, breads and bananas to homeless people who sleep at the railway stations.

4. Roadside pavements:

Donate clothes, blankets and plastic sheets to people sleeping on the pavements.

5. Temples:

Take your kids to temples where they organize community meals. Usually, anybody can participate in preparing the meals. Your kids will learn how a large diner is run only on charity and good will of the people.

As your kids take in the humble environment of the places where many people live, they will realize how contributing a little bit from their own kitty can light up the faces of those who are less privileged. Seeing the smiles of gratitude and happiness on these people's faces, they will learn kindness as an important virtue in life.


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