Ways To Soothe A Cranky Child

Ways To Soothe A Cranky Child

25 Sep 2015 | 4 min Read

Kanika Manaktala

Author | 10 Articles

All of us, as parents, have had our good days and bad days. It is how we sailed through the rough tide is what stays back with us. None of us has been able to dodge a cranky child quite often. The resulting unpleasantness may affect all at once in the house. It is the easiest to blow your top and scream your guts out, but trust me, it would make matters worse. Just hang in there with all your patience and it’ll be over sooner than you think. So it’s good to pause and understand the probable reasons behind such a behavior of the tot, so we are better managers at preventing it altogether.

1. The fresh air effect:

More often than not, taking them out in the fresh air has worked like magic with my kids. The child instantly comes out of his grumpiness as he gets distracted looking at the road, the people, the trees and the likes. It proves to be a much needed breather for you as well, am sure not as good as getting a nap but not as bad either. If you are lucky enough to have a natural play area or a created one, the kid may get creatively involved on his own and give you a great time as well.

2. Connect and empathise:

The bumpy ride may leave you down and out. You may be tempted to yell but the fact is that you’d do more harm to them with this. Sometimes they are only looking for a soothing hug and compassionate words from you. Just cooing sweet nothings is a reassurance of your love for them and may turn things around eventually. You just need to calm down and gather yourself to make them feel cozy. Trust me, it’s easier than you think. You’ll be surprised at how gently you pulled your sweetheart out of the misery.

3. Let them indulge:

Let them do what you do not allow them to do otherwise. They may like to fiddle with the paints and dirty themselves, or would be happy watching videos on your laptop. In my case they are happy to be left in water. Try leaving them with bubbles and their favorite toys in the bath and you’ll forget they were sulky just a while back. Both my kids can spend hours dipping their little hankies and pretending to wash them endlessly. Don’t worry about the mess. It is better than getting drained with a wailing kid.

4. Favorite music:

Often, we undermine the power of music when it comes to children, but music is rightly said to be a healer across ages. Counter that grouchiness with their favorite music or poems and see them sway and ramble to it. Don’t forget, in the meanwhile, to sing and dance yourself around the room and see how they get distracted gradually and loosen up.

5. Routine:

We as mothers, are so intricately involved in bringing up our children that many a time we forget to see the most obvious picture. Even after careful schedule management, sometimes change of schedule is unavoidable. An altered routine like delay in meal or naptime may cause a child to be irritable. Correcting the schedule would greatly help to put the child back on track.

6. Teething troubles:

Teething is an oft forgotten reason why children fret. When they are cutting their first few teeth, they may go through upheavals, we as adults may never understand. There can be rashes, fever, vomit which can be treated through specific solutions but largely, waiting for the teeth to cut through with an occasional gum massage is helpful. A warm bedtime bath is known to do wonders in soothing the child.

Believe it or not, all of it shall pass sooner than you think. So don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s okay to stumble a bit once in a while. You wouldn’t have to handle cranky kids all your life. You would miss these times once they grow up and leave the house to be on their own. So enjoy it thoroughly while it lasts.

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