When Dad Is An Involved Parent - Parenting Comes A Full Circle

This couple was given one good year to know each other once their families decided to get them married. It was an arranged marriage at a young age for both of them. But the equations were sorted from day one. Sonam Patel and Nitin Kumar, BabyChakra’s #EqualParent contest winners are an inspiration to many and a parenting aspiration for many more.


Sonam and Nitin got married in December 2015 and had their son Nisham whom they fondly call Nishu, in December 2016. While the couple was not really prepared for parenthood, they took the news in their stride and since then the journey of parenting has been full of ups and downs like any other happy parenting journey. Nitin’s inspiration comes from his mother whom he has seen handle everything single handedly through his childhood. This upbringing has a strong influence on his parenting thoughts which speak well in his actions. Nitin’s encouragement and support for his wife as a father of their child and as a husband is something Sonam really admires.


Sonam pursued a good part of her education post marriage and baby, only because of encouragement and support from Nitin. Everything from doctor’s visits for vaccination to putting the baby to sleep, Nitin is a hands on Dad and believes in having unbiased family dynamics. The couple believes in instilling in their son values that see men and women at par and does not differentiate the roles based on gender.


It is a known fact that its not just the mother who is responsible for a child’s upbringing but father plays an equal role. Sonam and Nitin are the perfect support system for each other in every aspect of marriage and parenting. Sonam is a freelance blogger who works from home. There are days when she has deadlines to meet and Nitin’s consistent support towards their son helps her achieve her goals.


Equal Parenting is a realization that comes naturally. It is not something that can be enforced and Dads today are mature enough to realize this responsibility and take it in complete spirit and enthusiasm. Its a trend that is emerging big time, thanks to nuclear families. It is slowly sweeping its way into joint families too. After all if Dads want to be involved as a parent then nothing can stop their will.


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Khushboo Chouhan

wow!!!!!! Sonam kudos to you and your equal parent :)

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