Is Our Society Doing Enough For Breastfeeding Mothers?

Is Our Society Doing Enough For Breastfeeding Mothers?

At BabyChakra, India’s largest parenting platform, each day over ten thousand questions asked are about breastfeeding. Mothers & Fathers grapple with very basic issues like how to feed the baby, the right latch, should we start formula or animal milk to increase the child’s weight? “Is my milk sufficient” is the loudest self doubt that a new mother carries. “You are not producing enough milk” is an accusation which a mother hears each time her child cries!


Yes, India, a nation known to be traditionally a breastfeeding nation faces these questions even today in 2019. We decided to ask 2000 moms on BabyChakra about Breastfeeding. Here is what we found:


Why only 50% mothers are able to breastfeed their child in the first 3 hours also called the golden hours? Is it because of being under anesthesia due to increased C-sections? Are mothers & their families not insisting on first feeds being breastmilk or is the hospital staff making this decision   with or without approvals from parents?



How can we ensure that a new born child gets breastmilk as his/her first feed?

-As Parents to assert their right of a breast crawl
-As families that ensure that a Mothe rs able to feed the child
-As Medical Practitioners who include breastfeed as part of the labour room protocol
-As Brands, create conversations, empower & inform.



The young Indian father is increasingly evolving in his role, he nurtures his child, actively participates in the growth & development of the child. However, when it comes to breastfeeding it is viewed as a woman’s domain. Did you know that emotional stress, sleep deprivation, physical stress can cause low milk supply? If a husband can be the strongest emotional support, the number of new moms slipping into post partum depression would substantially fall. A happy wife is a happier mom.

How can we help?

-As a husband, stay with the new mom. Help her prop the feeding pillow, offer a support for her feet, ensure her bottle of water is refilled. Burp the child, post the feed. Be part of this beautiful bond. It only brings you closer to the child.
-As new moms, ask for help! Yes, each time you feel a low, speak, share, cry, seek help when needed.
-As Experts & as brands, prepare the new parents for how the new journey unfolds.


The new age parents today are living nuclear lives, often having migrated to different cities, seeking professional help for breastfeeding which is viewed as a natural extension of a mother. This is definitely positive news, access to experts, support groups, mom communities, across life stages, languages and for both mothers & fathers!

How can we help?

-As parents, let us share more! Nothing is truer than experience.
-As Experts, let us be available where parents seek help. Let them not fall prey to wrongful information.
-As Brands, let us focus on educating, empowering & enabling our users to make informed choices. 



90% of the 2000 moms surveyed, said that they did breastfeed their child for more than one year! Isn’t this absolutely fantastic news? The credit goes to the mother, her support system of caregivers, mom communities, digital platforms & brands which are helping her through this journey.

However, 54% moms still struggle to breastfeed in public! When will we become a #breastfeedfriendly society? Why should a baby have his/her meal in a washroom or a car? If a mom is confident of feeding the child in public, why we as a society are uneasy?

How can we become a #breastfeedfriendly nation?

-As family, support the mom, allow her to be comfortable.
-As a society, normalise breastfeeding in public.
-As experts & brands, create awareness, stand up for a cause.


So this Breastfeeding week of August 1-August 7, 2019, let us empower ourselves to create a #breastfeedfriendly society.

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